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Garden godparents - garden calendar 2022 Plan B (eet)

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The perfect Christmas present for garden fans: the 2021 garden calendar full of helpful tips, dates for sowing and harvesting and 6 sheets of organic seed paper for the garden, balcony or raised bed. Nicely illustrated, handy and extremely practical For a prosperous 2022! Contents: 1 x annual calendar, approximately DIN A6 format with postcards, seeds,...

My Ayurveda Family Kitchen, Volker Flour

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Together you eat happier My Ayurveda Family Kitchen. In Ayurveda, they think of complicated Doshas, exotic foods, or long cooking arias? You forget about it. Because Ayurveda chef Volker flour cooks undogmatic, and according to the Motto "Everything is Ayurveda and Ayurveda is happiness".

Vasant Lad - Self-healing with Ayurveda book

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The standard work of Indian medicine Dr. Vasant Lad succeeds in ensuring that everyone can treat an acute health problem in accordance with Ayurveda at a glance: from colds to chronic intestinal irritation, from stress symptoms to depression, the reader receives comprehensive, detailed instructions for self-help. With this standard work on the theory...

Meera Sodha - the Original Indian

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The food blogger and chef Meera Sodha presents on 312 pages the classic Indian dishes - easy, aromatic, and simply delicious. She has written 130 recipes, which have previously been given within their family from Generation to Generation by word of mouth. An effort that has paid off, because out is a very personal recipe collection, and a very authentic...

Nina Schreiber - Ayurvedic home remedies - Easy to make from herbs and spices

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Old healing knowledge and tried and tested recipes, the strengths of our health. Ayurveda - the science of long life originated several thousand years ago in India and is widely used today, in parallel to modern, Western medicine. The big advantage: It offers a complex method of healing with very traditional recipes, the help with many everyday complaints...

The great Ayurveda diet book

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Live healthy and enjoyable food The great Ayurveda diet the book shows you the right type of ways to a healthy and fulfilled life. Food that is full of pleasure, passion, and Knowledge of the own body are the way to cook.

Bombay Lunchbox, Indian Delicacies

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India is not just a country, India is a world of its own – and the local cuisine so varied and rich in nuances, that one succumbs to their seduction quickly. It was also Carolyn and Chris Caldicott, who visited the country on several occasions. Bring your own recipes and photos of your new book are seductive and betrayed also, what are the delicacies in...

Ruby Roth - Vegan is love

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Author and Illustrator Ruby Roth gives young readers in her book Vegan out of love an insight in veganism as one of compassion and Action lifestyle.

David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl - The green kitchen for every day

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David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are convincing in this cookbook with simple, child-suitable but healthy favorite recipes that are prepared in a busy week of vegetarian or vegan ingredients quickly. The success authors show how to make simple recipes, building blocks for other dishes, processes are accelerated, or a healthy stock for the whole week...

Gabriela Nedoma - Natural Aphrodisiacs

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Naturopathy and medicinal plant recipes for love The fire of eroticism crackles everywhere: in medicinal plants such as rose and elder, in quince and pomegranate or in cinnamon and chilli.Gabriela Nedoma takes you on a stimulating journey from ancient tales of the gods to Hildegard von Bingen's monastery medicine to our times. She tells surprising things...

Ruby Roth - Why we don't eat animals

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This informative and moving book is not only entertaining reading, but also serves as Inspiration for parents and children to talk about an increasingly important topic.

The book of Ayurveda - self-healing through Ayurvedic cuisine

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The Ayurvedic kitchen is not only incredibly tasty, but also has great powers of healing that everyone can use. Vasant Lad is one of the best known Ayurvedic Doctors in the world. It is hardly to be called such as he is, to write this cookbook, and the thousand-year-old secrets of this healing to make food available.

James Green - medicinal plants for men

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The best medicinal plants for specific male health problems This book explains perceptive and well-founded, the fundamentals of men's health. At the same time, it is a practical Handbook that shows men of all ages, as medicinal plants optimally for your physical and emotional health can use. In the case of the specifically male health problems it is...

The Ayurveda Diet

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Healing art and life energy with soothing recipes for health strengthening Ayurveda, "the Knowledge of long life", is an ancient Indian healing system of the body, mind and soul in a healthy balance. The individual Ayurveda diet with the Credo "you are what you digest" plays a Central role.

The new Ayurvedic kitchen

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The cookbook from the European Academy for AyurvedaIn this book Kerstin Rosenberg and her Team provide numerous recipes and suggestions, with which the Ayurvedic diet can principles in the life of the West. The twelve seasons of menus, the whole variety of Ayurveda-kitchen cover – from Gourmet to quick meals.

The Porridge Book

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After introductory chapters on breast-feeding and the first bottle of food recipes for homemade porridges, cereals dishes, cakes, teas, juices and milk drinks. Whether Damiana vervain tea, flakes, muesli or peach pancakes, ideas for healthy kids kitchen, there is a lack in the porridge book. A little nutrition and Allergy information round out this handy...

Chetna Makan - India Street Food

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100 authentic recipes from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai StreetFood is as colorful, diverse and fascinating as the streets and markets of India: Here you can discover exotic spices and flavors as well as authentic on-the-hand dishes. Chetna Makan has roamed the markets of the Indian metropolises of Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai, always looking...

Wolfgang Günter - The kitchen of the Himalayas

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The vegetarian cookbook by the traveler Wolfgang Günter brings together 60 vegetarian recipes from Nepal, Tibet, Ladakh and Bhutan . While reading, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the spices and staple foods of the Himalayan cuisine and, in addition to main dishes, you can create spicy additions, sauces, pickles and raitas, as well as...

Pushpesh Pant - India, The Cookbook

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The ultimate India cookbook The Only Indian Cuisine Book You Must Have. 1000 recipes from all parts of India - get to know and love the diversity of Indian cuisines! Product of India

Vasant Lad & Anisha Durve - Marma Points of Ayurveda - Book

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The energy pathways for healing the body, mind and consciousness compared to traditional Chinese medicine MARMAP POINTS The mysterious doors of perception The teaching of Marmani, the energy points of the body, is a central element of the healing power of Ayurveda, which was developed in India several centuries ago. The activation of the Marmani has a...