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Maharishi organic Triphala Plus - 60g

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Hardly a desirable lack of quality of a happy, balanced and long life, if in the Ayurvedic classics describes the famous fruits of Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki. Triphala Plus-organic from Maharishi Ayurveda combines their best properties in a highly-acclaimed nutritional Supplement. Triphala is nutritious and supports the formation of Ojas, according...

Maharishi Livomap - 30 g

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Detoxification and Fresh – these are important issues to every Season of the year. Especially in the spring, the liver plays an important role for the energy budget. The liver is overloaded by toxins, can suffer from the energy supply, including, for example, in the Form of the well-known spring fatigue. In the Kapha period, the body's own detoxification...

Maharishi - Ashokarishta Liquid - 200ml

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The old Ayurveda texts say that the Ashoka tree has particularly positive properties for women. The bark of the Ahsoka tree is used in various Ayurveda recipes. Parts of the Ashoka bark are combined with many other famous herbs and fermented according to the oldest traditional Ayurveda techniques to produce the legendary women’s tonic Ashokarishta....

Maharishi - Bio MA 505 - Triphala Plus - 250g

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When the famous fruits Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki are described in classical Ayurveda literature, there is hardly any attribute of a happy, balanced and long life that goes unmentioned. Together, the mixture of the three fruits is called Triphala. This mixture is also known as MA 505. Triphala Plus Bio by Maharishi Ayurveda combines the best...

Maharishi Ayurveda MA 631 - 90 tablets

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This special herb blend is composed by Ayurvedic experts carefully according to the traditional original recipe. Contents: 90 tablets / 45g For further information, please contact a Ayurvedic doctor or naturopath.

Maharishi organic Ashwagandha tablets - 30g

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Ashwagandha, also called winter cherry, and is one of the most used herbs of Ayurveda. The Plant of the family Solanaceae has long since been for their nourishing properties. According to the Teachings of Ayurveda, Ashwagandha, to promote the peace and clarity of mind as well as Vata and Kapha calm down. Contents: 60 tablets / 30 g

Dr. Niedermaier - Regulat pro Arthro - 350ml

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(€111.14*/ Liter)
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Regulatpro Arthro is a high-quality, liquid food supplement that supports the natural joint, bone, connective tissue and fascia function. Contents: 350 ml A treasure chest filled with valuable ingredients: glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, collagen hydrolyzate, dimethyl sulfone, vitamin C, vitamin D, trace elements and regulate essence.

livQ - organic essence, pure and intense - 250ml

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All the power of fermented plant substances. Bioavailable, pure, intense and without additives livQ Bio-Essenz contains all the power of fermented plant substances. Only nutritionally valuable ingredients with a high content of vital substances are fermented. livQ Bio-Essenz is pure, intense, never heated and does not contain any other additives....

Dr. Niedermaier - RegulatPro Active DTX - 350ml

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(€125.43*/ Liter)
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This liquid food supplement supports healthy liver function, keeps the intestinal mucous membrane in balance, the nervous system stable and gives new energy. In Regulatpro® Active DTX, REGULATESSENZ® is enriched with extracts from artichoke, olive, cranberry, horsetail, ginseng and ginger, as well as vital substances and vitamins. Contents: 350 ml Natural...

Dr. Niedermaier - RegulatPro Kids - 350ml

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(€111.43*/ Liter)
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The newest product in the Regulatpro® range especially for children. Regulatpro® Kids Regulatius is a food based on the essence of Dr. Niedermaier made from cascade-fermented fruit, vegetables and nuts with natural vitamin C from the acerola cherry. Thereby it supports the immune system and the body's own regulatory processes. Natural vitamin C...

livQ - Organic Essence with Camu Camu - 250ml

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(€108.00*/ Liter)
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All the power of fermented plant substances and vitamin C for energy, immune strength and psychological function livQ Bio-Essenz contains all the power of fermented plant substances and vitamin C from the Camu-Camu fruit. Only nutritionally valuable ingredients with a high content of vital substances are fermented. livQ Bio-Essenz is pure, intense, never...

Dr. Niedermaier - RegulatPro Immune - 350ml

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Regulatpro® Immune is a dietary supplement with vitamins and minerals, produced according to the patented cascade fermentation 2.0 The unique combination for a healthy immune system: secondary plant compounds with metabolites, postbiotics, parent enzymes and micronutrients. Contents: 350 ml

Dr. Niedermaier - legal regulation organic - 350ml

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Legal regulation organic for energy, defenses and performance. Legal regulation Bio is a dietary supplement with natural vitamin C to support biological regulatory processes. contains natural vitamin C, which contributes to a healthy energy metabolism and supports normal immune function. With the nutrient vitamin C, it reduces tiredness and exhaustion...

Dr. Niedermaier - RegulatPro Metabolic - 350ml

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(€111.14*/ Liter)
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Regulatpro Metabolic by Dr. Niedermaier is an organically grown concentrate made from fruits, vegetables and nuts. Vitamin C and magnesium can help reduce tiredness and exhaustion and maintain normal energy-yielding metabolism. Exams or stressful situations are no longer a problem for you. Contents: 350 ml To support natural life processes in the body.


Dr. Niedermaier - Regulatpro® Stress Protect - 60 capsules

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Valuable food supplement with vitamins and minerals. The Dr. Niedermaier REGULATFERMENT® in dried, powdered form. It contains numerous valuable vitamins and vital substances. In addition, there are easily usable forms of the most important minerals. Contents: 60 capsules

GSE organic kids Active Complex - 330 ml

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(€43.63*/ Liter)
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A versatile and well-balanced diet consists of plenty of fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of animal and carbohydrate-containing foods, such as meat, cheese and pasta, and only exceptionally from the sweets or extra fat-containing Treats. But also a varied and healthy diet of the child is not able to guarantee an optimal nutrient supply....

Ihle Vital Sango inConcept powder - 100g

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(€21.90*/ 100 g)
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Ihlevital Sango inConcept is a food Supplement in the form of a powder with Calcium and Magnesium from sea coral fossils. The Sango marine coral contains a variety of base active elements, especially the minerals Calcium and Magnesium in the optimum ratio of 2:1. Content: 100 g It supports the Mineral balance of the bones, teeth, muscles, operates in the...


Maharishi - Organic Shatavari Tablets - 30g

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(€33.00*/ 100 g)
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Shatavari, the Indian asparagus Asparagus racemosus, is probably one of the most famous Ayurvedic plants in Europe. In ancient Ayurvedic texts, Shatavari is extolled when it comes to women and their femininity. This is also alluded to by the name "Shatavari", which translates as "the one who has 100 husbands". From the point of view of Ayurveda, Indian...


Maharishi - Skin Tonic Facial Toner - 75ml

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(€42.65*/ 100 ml)
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Refreshing moisturizing care for every skin type. Unisex: Also ideal as an aftershave. With the purest Himalayan water, aloe vera & extracts from witch hazel, sandalwood, dyer's roots and reeds. Refresh and revitalize your skin with this unique facial toner. As a moisturizer and to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Contents: 75 ml

Maharishi - Vata Balance - 50g

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(€43.90*/ 100 g)
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According to Ayurveda, the mind naturally functions in a calm and clear manner. An increased Vata can disturb this calm. In addition to lifestyle, times of day or diet, the seasons also play an important role in the balance of the doshas: The energetic, enthusiastic, clear and alert Vata Dosha is sensitive to certain factors such as B. Cold, windy...

Ajapa - Drakshrishtaya - 750ml

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(€42.53*/ Liter)
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Draksha, the grape, is a tonic (Rasayana) in Ayurveda. Drakshrishtaya gently regulates the doshas, strengthens the digestive fire (Agni) and harmonizes the body functions Contents: 750 ml

Cosmoveda ORGANIC Trikatu capsules - 80 pieces

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(€37.24*/ 100 g)
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Trikatu is an Ayurvedic spice blend from black and long pepper, and ginger. As a dietary Supplement, it was filled by Cosmoveda in vegan capsules. Content: 29 g / 80 pieces DE-ÖKO-003Non-EU-agriculture

Maharishi organic Triphala Guggulu 30g

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(€71.16*/ 100 g)
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Triphala is one of the most famous Ayurvedic formulations, which consists of a combination of three fruits: Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki.Triphala Guggulu reduces and heats Kapha. Ayurvedic experts (Vaidyas) recommend it for various conditions. Contents: 60 tablets / 30 g

Cosmoveda - ORGANIC Ashwagandha Churna - 100g

Price €11.90*
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Ashwagandha - Whitania somnifera - is an evergreen, bush-like 0.5-1.5 m high plant with fleshy roots, simple, green, oval leaves and small, spherical, orange-red berries, the roots of which are used in Ayurvedic nutrition. The powder of the dried roots, which is finely and gently ground in our production (below 40 ° C), comes from our Indian and Sri...

Cosmoveda - ORGANIC Asafoetida - 10g

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(€19.90*/ 100 g)
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Asafoetida is a rubbery resin containing disulfide and foetidine from a plant native to Pakistan. Don't worry, it tastes much better than it sounds - it is an important spice in Ayurvedic cuisine. Contents: 10 g DE-ÖKO-003 Non-EU agriculture

Cosmoveda - Ayus Arishta Ashoka - 500ml

Price €15.90*
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Ashoka means literally translates to "without worry". Ayurvedic herbal elixirs (Arishtas and Asavas) contain about 5% alcohol, which is produced purely, of course, in the case of the Fermentation of herbs. You bring the Doshas to a harmonious balance and to exert a positive effect on the subtle energetic level. Content: 500 ml

Cosmoveda ORGANIC Manjistha capsules - 200 pieces

Price €23.80*
(€38.39*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The root reduces the Pitta and Kapha Dosha, is bitter, astringent and sweet in taste (Rasa). The potency (Virya) is heating. Manjistha is one of the strongest plants and best retuning means in Ayurveda. Contents: 200 PCs

Cosmoveda ORGANIC Shatavari capsules - 200 pieces

Price €23.80*
(€33.05*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Shatavari is a dietary Supplement that is manufactured according to the Teachings of Ayurveda the powder of wild asparagus are capsules. According to Ayurveda, Shatavari helps Balance the Doshas and the six tastes to balance. Shatavari provides the body with the flavors of sweet and bitter. Contents: 72 g, 200 capsules

Organic Human Shot - Ginseng - 100ml

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(€1.99*/ 100 ml)
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Black is beautiful Gingseng, aronia, black currant, apple, cinnamon and chilli - this mixture sounds like an aromatic trip around the world. Not too sweet, not too hot, not too spicy - a bit of everything and yet completely different. Panax Gingseng was already considered a miracle tuber in ancient China and Korea. Even today it is a symbol of a long,...

Nimi - Shilajit / Mumijo - 60 Pieces

Price €24.90*
(€0.41*/ Stück)
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Food Supplement with Mumijo in vegan capsules for Oral use. Contents: 60 capsules / 32,8 g Mumijo is an integral part of the Central Asian folk medicine, and Ayurveda. Alternatively, product: Holisan - Shilayur forte / Shilajit.

Miraherba - Rose Hip Powder

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(€5.95*/ 100 g)
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Healthy Joints The rose hip contains 16 mg of Vitamin C in 5 g of powder.Along with the secondary plant substances, it strengthens the formation of collagen in the articular cartilage of the joints. Content: 100 g

Dietary Supplement

Deacidify and detoxify is the right way to a long health. Just who lives in a modern, and very many acidic foods to eat, you should regularly make a course of treatment to Deacidify and detoxify. So the body is detoxified thoroughly. So this happens in a natural way, we offer in our Online Shop-natural food Supplement to Ayurvedic and plant based. Whether it is for relaxation of the joints, to detoxify the cells, for detoxification of the body or General well-being: Our natural tablets and capsules to help you maintain your health.

Because beauty and health unfold first and foremost in the metabolism of the body. In our assortment you will find mineral and natural dietary supplements from the Ayurvedic medicine like herbal elixirs, herbal capsules and herbal tablets as well as Chyavanprash and Guggulu. In particular, the food Supplement according to Ayurveda, the promise of beauty and charisma as a consequence of a well-functioning metabolism. You can find in our Online Shop with the essential substances of the tablets and capsules the right supplements for your individual needs.