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Bioturm shaving mousse for MEN no. 126 - 150ml

Price €9.95*
(€66.33*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For a gentle, thorough wet shave! The rich shaving mousse for a gentle, thorough wet shave - allows a perfect Sliding of the Blade. Suitable for both normal as well as in the case of very sensitive skin prone to shaving irritation and feeling of tension. The normalizing components of the Lacto-Intensive active Complex and organic sunflower oil nourish the...

Bioturm facial fluid for MEN no. 127 - 75ml

Price €17.95*
(€239.33*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Moisturizing and soothing care for sensitive men's skin! Lightweight facial fluid for daily moisturizing care for every skin type. The Lacto-Intensive active complex supports the skin's Regeneration. Hemp and jojoba oil nurture intensively and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin. In particular, after shaving irritation are soothed and redness and a...

Bioturm shower gel 2in1 MEN no 128 - 200ml

Price €11.95*
(€59.75*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Mild cleansing for skin & hair – refreshing and invigorating! The 2-in-1 product, everything that MAN needed for the cleansing shower of skin and hair. This organic almond milk and the included Lacto protect and maintain-Intensive active complex with its skin-like components, sensitive skin already when showering, and leave a good feeling on the...


Bioturm - Intimate wash piece for men - 50g

Price €8.95*
(€179.00*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

climate neutral product Gentle cleansing and care, specially developed for the male intimate area. The lacto-intensive active complex is designed to balance the male intimate flora. Content: 50 g

lenz - face fluid hops, pine 50ml

Price €7.99*
(€159.79*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For all cases The firming Fluid strengthens your skin and protects it from environmental influences. For men*skin with the scent of pine and hops. The new Lenz-line. Now with an improved recipe and a new Design. Content: 50 ml

lenz - shower of hops & pine - 200ml

Price €4.99*
(€24.94*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For Fast Duscher A shower bath for skin and hair with the scent of hops and pine. The bathroom skin & hair, recommended to all, who like it uncomplicated. It strengthens and nourishes from head to toe. Content: 200 ml

lenz - men Deo Spray Swiss stone pine hops - 75ml

Price €5.49*
(€73.20*/ 1000 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Nice to stay fresh! With anti-bacterial active ingredients and a subtle fragrance protects the Deo Spray is gentle, but effective. With an improved recipe and a new Design there is the roll-on deodorant is now in the pump bottle. Content: 75 ml

Maharishi - Skin Tonic Facial Toner - 75ml

Regular price €39.99* -20% Price €31.99*
(€426.53*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Refreshing moisturizing care for every skin type. Unisex: Also ideal as an aftershave. With the purest Himalayan water, aloe vera & extracts from witch hazel, sandalwood, dyer's roots and reeds. Refresh and revitalize your skin with this unique facial toner. As a moisturizer and to soothe sensitive and irritated skin. Contents: 75 ml

Almara - organic camel milk hair soap hemp tea tree - 100g

Price €6.99*
(€69.90*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Did you know that camels do not give milk when they are unhappy? Almara creates a very special hair soap from camel milk from happy camels. The formula with hemp & tea tree oil cleanses the scalp thoroughly - without putting too much strain on it. The scent transports you to a herb garden. Contents: 100 g

Jolu - Bar Box - 4 x 30g

Price €19.95*
(€166.25*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Pampering care set for skin and hair Naturally well-groomed from head to toe and as simple as possible - this is made possible by the shower and shampoo bars from Jolu. The products do not contain any artificial ingredients or colorings, and there is no plastic packaging. This is how sustainable and environmentally conscious body and hair care work....

Jolu - shaving soap in can - 100g

Price €10.95*
(€10.95*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The best for the beard Coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil and lemon balm oil are not only the best that nature has to offer in terms of care and shine. The special vegetable oil mixture in our shaving soap makes it easy to foam. The beard hair becomes soft and supple, skin irritations are prevented...

Balmyou - Deodorant Stick Sensitive - 50 g

Price €14.90*
(€29.90*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Give me five! This deodorant stick has only five ingredients and zero plastic. Works and cares at the same time, even after shaving. For him, her and everyone else. It inspires with a fine scent of coconut without the addition of essential oils, colorings or preservatives. It thus offers perfect care for sensitive and fine armpit skin - especially after...

Jolu - shower-Bar-hemp seed oil - 100g

Price €14.99*
(€14.99*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

It's so green - Duschbar for men's skin So even the men can join the new age of cleansing the body, developed jolu natural cosmetics, a shower Bar, especially on the skin and fragrance needs of men is matched. Lava earth binds excess fat and particles of dirt without irritating the skin, and is supported by an extra portion of corn starch in the cleaning...

Golconda - Shampoo bar Original - 65g

Price €4.95*
(€7.61*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Golconda hair soap "Original Formula": effective against oily hair and as little allergy as possible: the best care product for oily hair and allergy-prone scalps Handmade hair soap - cleans, nothing else. Contents: 65 g

Lamazuna - Oriculi ear cleaner bamboo - 1st

Price €5.00*
(€5.00*/ Stück)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

In both ears The Oriculi ears swab of Lamazuna in love:. With this Ohrstäbchen made of bamboo wood and clean your ears gently and without producing waste! Never swab (you should not take anyway...) Available In different colors - we find you by accident, surprise! Hand-crafted in China. Plastic-free packaging. 100% vegan. Content: 1 piece (10 cm long)

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