Körperpflegeprodukte, die Ihre Haut auf natürliche Weise berühren – und sie straff und gesund aussehen lassen

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Weleda - Nature Cocoon Shower - 200ml

Price €7.95*
(€3.97*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Let yourself fall and be tenderly embraced by nature. Pamper your senses with the enveloping scent of balsamic tonka, sweet orange and precious benzoin. This shower cream with mild surfactants based on vegetable raw materials gently cleanses the skin, while valuable organic sesame oil makes it velvety soft. For a cozy, warm feeling full of security....

Dudu Osun Black Soap Fragrance Free - 25g

Price €1.75*
(€7.00*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Dudu Osun - the black soap is a high-quality product from Nigeria, which has long been known in its country of origin as a source of natural beauty and well-being. The natural soap contains boiled palm kernel oil and valuable ashes from cocoa pods and dried palm parts. The deep cleansing effect of the rich soap foam is unbeatable compared to all modern...

Speick - White Soap, healing chalk soap - 100g

Price €3.89*
(€3.89*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Cleaning & care, sensual fragrance experience, Good Lanune & joy of life - all in a piece of soap. Healing chalk from the island Rügen is estimated to Refine the appearance of the skin and Regeneration of skin cells. She is a supportive effect in the Healing of inflammation known. The White Soap allows a gentle cleansing and moisturizes the skin,...

Apeiron - winter soap-cinnamon & cocoa - 100g

Regular price €8.76* -€1.00 Price €7.76*
(€7.76*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A small piece of soap of happiness - hand-made from natural vegetable oils The winter is a warm and block soap nourishes with real organic cocoa, cinnamon and lavender oil, pampers the senses and makes for soft skin and soft hands. Ideal to Give as a gift or enjoy yourself! Content: 100 g

Khadi - Shanti Soap Bergamot Sage - 100g

Price €8.99*
(€8.72*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The Shanti Soap with bergamot and sage is a pure natural soap made from nourishing shea butter and aloe vera. The fresh scent makes your day a good mood day. For hands and skin, also suitable for showering. The word Shanti comes from Sanskrit and means peace, the rest of the senses, inner balance and harmony. And that's exactly what the khadi Shanti Soap...

We Love - Deocreme Original Orange - 48g

Price €11.65*
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Original Orange - natural deodorant Let yourself be seduced by the irresistible, intense scent of the pure oil of the Spanish mandarin. The natural ingredients of our deodorants have a calming and moisturizing effect. The soft cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not clog pores. It helps you stay fresh naturally! We Love The Planet deodorant...

Bioturm Body cream, Rose no 62 - 250 ml

Price €11.65*
(€4.66*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

artschmelzende body care with a pleasant rose fragrance.The high-quality and fast-absorbing body lotion with a refined rose fragrance for the daily care for normal to slightly dry skin.The combination of organic jojoba oil and organic Shea butter protects the skin against water loss and at the end of smoothing, moisturizing and nourishing properties....

lenz - Body Lotion Horsetail Burdock Root - 200ml

Price €5.84*
(€2.92*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Pampering made easy The particularly well-tolerated body lotion envelops your skin with protection and care. Also pampers and cares for sensitive skin. Now with an improved recipe and a new design! Contents: 200 ml

Santa Verde aloe vera gel pur without fragrance 100ml

Regular price €19.40* -€2.00 Price €17.40*
(€17.40*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The firming Gel stimulates the microcirculation and metabolism of the skin tissue. The light Gel contains 90% pure Aloe Vera juice, supplemented with additional nurturing herbal ingredients. The pure juice provides soothing moisture and supports the natural Regeneration of your skin. Especially soothing and cooling the fresh Gel acts according to the sun,...

Dabur Herbal Neem toothpaste - 100g

Regular price €5.39* -€1.00 Price €4.39*
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Ayurvedic herbal-toothpaste with Neem. The Dabur Herbal Neem toothpaste cleanses deeply, thoroughly and gently, and cares for due to the excellent properties of Neem. Content: 100 g The Neem leaf Sept extract with its natural anti-effect is combined with aromatic herbs according to Ayurvedic guidelines - this is the perfect Hygiene for your teeth and...

Sailing - Toothbrush box liquid wood

Price €2.88*
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Travel box for your toothbrush made of liquid wood. The liquid wood is mainly made from the wood component lignin, natural fibers and natural wax. Since all components are made from renewable raw materials, the travel box made of Arboform is completely biodegradable and therefore the attractive alternative to the conventional plastic box. Contents: 1 piece

Neobio - toothpaste witch hazel & rosemary fluoride free - 75ml

Price €1.94*
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Valuable plant extracts like organic witch hazel and organic care for rosemary and clean teeth and gums. Mineral plaster body reduce the formation of Tartar and Plaque. Peppermint oil gives, of course of breath. Fluoride-free. Without silicones, Paraffins and other petroleum products. Raw materials, preferably from organic cultivation. Vegan. Gluten-free....

Golconda - Shower Soap Mint & Sage - 65g

Price €3.95*
(€6.08*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Taking a shower doesn't always mean relaxation. Sometimes you need a little extra help to get active, especially in the morning. The essential mint and sage oils in the Golconda shower soap have an energizing effect and give a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Shower soap instead of gel: naturally enjoy the daily shower experience! Contents: 65 g

Savon du Midi - 4 guest soaps Variétés - 80g

Price €3.95*
(€4.94*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Savon du Midi vegan shea soap in four scents verbena (verveine), lavender, lemongrass and wild rose (eglantine) for the guest toilet or as a nice souvenir for your great aunt. The colorful, fragrant soaps delight your skin and nose when washing your hands. Contents: 80 g, 4 soaps

Weleda - Citrus & Skin Food gift set

Price €13.95*
(€5.07*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The high-quality Weleda gift set contains a citrus refreshing shower and the Weleda Skin Food Cream for face and body in original size. Gives care and refreshment in the cold season. Contents: 200 ml + 75 ml

lenz - shower of hops & pine - 200ml

Price €4.86*
(€2.43*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For Fast Duscher A shower bath for skin and hair with the scent of hops and pine. The bathroom skin & hair, recommended to all, who like it uncomplicated. It strengthens and nourishes from head to toe. Content: 200 ml

Primavera - organic St. John's wort Oil - 50 ml

Price €8.90*
(€17.80*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The Oil base of olive oil is due to the addition of organic St. John's wort extract slightly reddish. It soothes the skin and relieves irritation. Suitable for light massages and for targeted skin care. Content: 50 ml

Weleda - Lavender & Almond gift set

Price €17.95*
(€4.49*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The high-quality packaged Weleda gift set contains a relaxing lavender shower and the almond care lotion for a silky soft skin feeling. Gives care and relaxation in the cold season. Contents: 200 ml + 200 ml

Urtekram - Aloe Vera Gel - 100ml

Price €6.95*
(€6.95*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The Urtekram aloe vera gel with hyaluronic acid promotes the formation of collagen and elastin, provides long-lasting moisture to dry skin and has a calming and healing effect on dehydrated or damaged skin cells. The gel is therefore ideal as an after sun gel and is also recommended for the treatment of sunburn , as it promotes the healing of blisters and...


Hydrophil - soap jar - 1 piece

Price €3.95*
(€3.95*/ Stück)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Storage and transport of solid soaps with the tin made of tinplate - 100% plastic-free - for all common soap sizes - made in Germany Contents: 1 piece, size 110 x 88 x 32.5 mm

Bioturm - CBD ointment no 135 - 50ml

Price €34.07*
(€68.14*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Fragrance-free base care with CannabidiolThe Bioturm CBD ointment nourishes the skin and provides a supple feel to the skin. With its high content of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, hemp oil regenerates and calms the skin. The included Lacto-Intensive active complex normalizes the acid protection mantle of the skin. Content: 50 ml

Ayluna - Ghassoul washing cream - 200ml

Price €8.95*
(€4.47*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Ghassoul - Moroccan lava earth for the traditional cleansing of skin and hair in a washing cream. The traditional lava earth from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains in a nourishing wash cream with organic rosemary water and a touch of lavender oil. Suitable for the daily, mild cleaning of the face, body and hair. Contents: 200 ml

Jolu - shaving soap in can - 100g

Price €10.67*
(€10.67*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The best for the beard Coconut oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil and lemon balm oil are not only the best that nature has to offer in terms of care and shine. The special vegetable oil mixture in our shaving soap makes it easy to foam. The beard hair becomes soft and supple, skin irritations are prevented...

Bioturm - Baby Wet Wipe Foam - 150ml

Regular price €10.67* -€2.19 Price €8.48*
(€5.65*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The ecological alternative to wet wipes! The innovative foam turns paper or cloths into a wet wipe and is therefore a good alternative to baby wipes. It gently and thoroughly cleanses the sensitive skin in the nappy area and at the same time cares for it with the Laco-Intensiv active ingredient complex. Also ideal for cleaning on the go, also for your...

lenz - Deodorant Stick Camomile Hops - 40g

Price €5.35*
(€13.37*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Stay fresh! With antibacterial ingredients and an unobtrusive scent, the deodorant stick protects gently but effectively. The tried and tested Lenz deodorant is now available with an improved recipe and a new design - in the plastic-free cardboard tube as a stick instead of a deodorant roller. Hooray! Contents: 40 g

Eliah Sahil - Organic Tooth Powder Ginseng Clove - 60g

Price €12.95*
(€21.53*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

With pure root power, the teeth are gently and naturally cleaned with this powder. Ginseng, soap herb, ashwagandha, clove and anise remove dirt, soothe the gums and ensure a healthy oral flora. In addition, the bee protection project "Blooming meadows" is supported with the purchase of this powder. Plastic-free and environmentally friendly teeth brushing...

Jolu - Bar Box - 4 x 30g

Price €19.45*
(€16.21*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Pampering care set for skin and hair Naturally well-groomed from head to toe and as simple as possible - this is made possible by the shower and shampoo bars from Jolu. The products do not contain any artificial ingredients or colorings, and there is no plastic packaging. This is how sustainable and environmentally conscious body and hair care work....

Bioturm Baby damp cloth-foam - 50ml

Price €5.80*
(€11.60*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The ecological Alternative to wet wipes! The innovative foam transforms paper or cloth towels in a damp cloth and is thus a good Alternative to Baby wipes. He cleans the sensitive skin in the diaper area gently and thoroughly and nourishes simultaneously due to the contained Laco-Intensive active complex.Also ideally suited for cleaning on the go, also...

lenz - Deo Spray chamomile hops - 75ml

Price €5.35*
(€7.13*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Nice to stay fresh! With anti-bacterial active ingredients and a subtle fragrance protects the Deo Spray is gentle, but effective. With an improved recipe and a new Design there is the roll-on deodorant is now in the glass pump bottle with a significantly lower plastic share than before. Content: 75 ml

Maharishi Ayurveda - Neem Herbal Soap - 100g

Price €4.30*
(€4.30*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Maharishi Ayurveda Neem Soap is made on a purely vegetable basis - with natural oils and fragrant fragrances. Suitable for every skin type. With a high proportion of Ayurvedic herbs, including 100% natural neem aromatic oil, bergamot and camphor. Contents: 100 g


Ihr Körper ist Ihr Haus, und darin kennen Sie sich aus. Pflegen Sie ihn mit den richtigen Lotions und Cremes, sehen Sie vitaler und jünger aus. Unsere Körperpflegeprodukte unterstützen Ihre Haut dabei, noch strahlender auszusehen und das Beste aus Ihrem Körper herauszuholen. Chemikalien und Giftstoffe werden von unserem Körper täglich aufgenommen. Dies geschieht häufig durch die Haut. In unseren natürlichen Körperpflegeprodukten stecken nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe – chemische Duftstoffe und giftige Substanzen suchen Sie in unseren Körpercremes, Deodorants, Hand- und Fußpflegeprodukten, der Intimpflege sowie in unseren Zahnpflegeprodukten vergebens. Schützen Sie Ihre Haut mit der richtigen Körperpflege, mit Pflegeölen, Balsam und Lotions, um die Regeneration anzukurbeln und ihr den so wichtigen Schutzfilm zur Stärkung der körpereigenen Zellen zu geben.

Es geht um Ihre Gesundheit und um Ihr Wohlbefinden. Unsere reichhaltigen Pflegeprodukte pflegen Ihre Haut mit natürlichen, pflanzlichen Wirkstoffen. Ob Sie Ihre Haut nach dem Baden mit einem Pflegeöl versorgen, sie beim Duschen mit einer natürlichen Seife reinigen oder der sie vor dem Sonnenbad mit dem entsprechenden UV-Faktor schützen möchten – bei uns finden Sie die besten Pflegeprodukte für einen gesunden Körper und eine straffe, vitale Haut.