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Miraherba - organic marigold flowers - 100g

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(€4.99*/ 100 g)
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The marigold was chosen as Medicinal Plant of the Year 2009. The marigold is traditionally one of the plants that are said to have great powers. The plant is said to have anti-inflammatory, wound healing and supportive effects on the immune system, against pathogens and against water retention. Marigold can also provide relief for inflamed mucous...

Miraherba - Tea No 6: Stress-Free

Price €5.95*
(€5.95*/ 100 g)
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Without the hustle and bustle through the day Close my eyes and pause for a Moment. Breathe and enjoy the scent of the flowers in this Tea blend. They harmonize the mind and relax the body. Content: 100 g Sweet and flowery.

Inovfruit - Chestnuts cooked organic 200g

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Traditionally, the chestnut meat to accompany game and poultry as a filling or side dish. Also in connection with fishing such as sole or monkfish, the aroma of are recommend tables on the fruits of the sweet chestnut. Likewise, they complement rustic salads, or fillings for Baked apples, as well as in fine bakery products to be used. Thanks to a unique...

Barnhouse - Krunchy strawberry 375 g

Price €3.79*
(€10.11*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Strawberry Krunchy with creamy stirred natural yogurt - delicious! Also in the family pack (700g). The summer in the bag! The lightweight Back with many rice crisps and the highly aromatic strawberry pieces from our Premium Krunchy. Content: 375 g

Miraherba - organic daisies - 50g

Price €3.50*
(€7.00*/ 100 g)
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Daisies are a nice ingredient for homemade herbal teas. The daisy is also used externally, as an envelope, in folk medicine as a home remedy. Contents: 50 g

Miraherba - organic passion flower - 100g

Price €3.90*
(€3.90*/ 100 g)
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Passion flowers are spectacular when they bloom. It takes its name as an allusion to the Sufferings of Christ - the three stigmas of the flower symbolize the nails with which Jesus on the cross was beaten. The wreath is supposed to represent the crown of thorns and the five Stamens the wounds. Its fruits grow only in the tropics, can be eaten as a...

Miraherba - organic Calendula flowers - 100g

Price €4.50*
(€4.50*/ 100 g)
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The Marigold was chosen as medicinal plant of the year 2009. The calendula flower is traditionally one of the plants, which are said to have great powers. The Plant is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, promote it, support the immune system against pathogens and against water retention. Similarly, Calendula for inflamed oral and pharyngeal mucosa, may...

Miraherba - organic Calendula flowers - 1kg

Price €39.00*
(€39.00*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Cut marigold flowers is easy in the large containers order - 1000g in a pack. The calendula flower is traditionally one of the plants, which are said to have great powers. The Plant is anti-inflammatory, wound healing, promote it, support the immune system against pathogens and against water retention. Similarly, Calendula for inflamed oral and pharyngeal...

Maharishi - Ayurveda pastilles for fresh breath - 10g

Price €9.99*
(€99.90*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Small, strong, fresh - the original Ayurvedic “pastilles for fresh breath” in a practical dispenser. For fresh, clear breath and as a constant companion that protects your voice. Especially good when you have to talk a lot and pleasant when your throat is scratchy. Lowers Kapha, but also Vata and Pitta Contents: 10 g

Allos - almond Drink natural 1l

Regular price €2.99* -10% Price €2.69*
(€2.69*/ Liter)
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The Allos almond Drink is a wonderful milk alternative. Made from fresh spring water, ground almonds and a pinch of sea salt. The Drink without the sugar and, therefore, offers pleasure without remorse for all who value a healthy diet. Whether for Breakfast with fresh Espresso as a delicious almond Macchiato or for cooking and baking. Free from lactose,...


MANI - Green olives with fennel seeds, pink pepper in lemon olive oil - 185 g

Regular price €3.99* -€0.50 Price €3.49*
(€1.89*/ 100 g)
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The combination with fennel seeds and pink pepper gives the green olives an exciting spicy note. The lemon olive oil is perfect for a tasty marinade after the olives have been consumed. MANI's green table olives are grown on the island of Evia, north of Athens. The farmers focus on quality instead of quantity and carefully harvest the large, crunchy and...


Rapunzel - small spelled flakes - 750g

Price €3.49*
(€0.47*/ 100g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Spelled is a robust, original type of grain and tastes fine, nutty. It's a good source of protein and high in fiber. Since the whole grain is processed into flakes, all nutrients from the germ and the outer layers are retained. These spelled flakes are 100% whole grain. They are also used in the original Rapunzel mueslis. Contents: 750 g Here, too,...

Davert - naked oats - 500g

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(€3.98*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Naked oats is a special husk-free variety that preserves the valuable ingredients. It has a mild, aromatic taste and is easy to digest. Naked oats should always be used freshly ground. Contents: 500 g

Cosmoveda ORGANIC Mango puree - 170ml

Price €4.99*
(€1.25*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The organic mango puree comes from the Sri Lanka organic and Fair Trade projects from Cosmoveda. It is from sun-ripened, wild-growing mangoes by a gentle Pürierverfahren made. Mango puree is great by Mixing it with natural yoghurt for the manufacture of Lassi or fruit mix drinks, desserts, sauces and Dips. Or just enjoy spoons! Content: 170 g

Cosmoveda - organic mango in rose water - 200g

Price €4.49*
(€2.24*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Fine mango fruit pieces, marinated in fruit juice with rose water. A delicious fruit preparation for mueslis, baked goods, yoghurt, desserts and sauces as well as a pure snack. Freshly made from selected, sun-ripened fruits. Contents: 200 g

Cosmoveda - BIO Virgin Coconut Oil - 350ml

Price €6.99*
(€19.97*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Virgin coconut oil is simply delicious for baking, frying, deep-frying, on bread, in spreads and sauces and of course for authentic Asian wok dishes and South Indian curries. Contents: 350 ml

Cosmoveda BIO powder Mango 20g fruit

Price €2.99*
(€14.95*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Mango powder goes well with curry dishes, desserts, ice cream and desserts, especially for colour and taste decoration. Content: 20 g DE-ÖKO-003Non-EU-agriculture

Cosmoveda ORGANIC black seed oil cold pressed - 100ml

Price €7.99*
(€7.99*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Black cumin has a slightly bitter, spicy taste and a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It fits perfectly with the Ayurvedic coordinated, Oriental and North African cuisine. Especially bakery products obtained by this Oil a spicy touch. Content: 100 ml DE-ÖKO-003Non-EU-agriculture

Rapunzel - noise nut milk chocolate hazelnut HIH - 100 g

Price €2.29*
(€2.29*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Delicate full-milk chocolate with whole, toasted hazelnuts. The Aroma of high-quality, fairly traded cocoa is complemented by the characteristic caramel flavor of Rapadura whole cane sugar and a pinch of genuine Bourbon vanilla and the chocolate gives it a whole special based. The intense Conching is in addition to the valuable raw materials, the real...

Rapunzel - coconut blossom syrup - 250g

Price €5.99*
(€2.40*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Natural sweetness from the tropics - coconut blossom syrup is obtained from the pure juice of the coconut blossom. The alternative sweetener has a fine caramel aroma and is wonderfully versatile. The practical dispenser bottle ensures easy dosing. Contents: 250 g

Rapunzel tomato sauce Arrabbiata - 335ml

Price €2.84*
(€8.48*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Fruity spicy tomato sauce with sun-ripened Italian tomatoes and extra spicy Peppers! Rounded off with fine herbs and spices - a popular classic of the Italian cuisine! Content: 335 ml

Rapunzel tomato sauce Olivia - 330ml

Price €2.79*
(€8.45*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Sun-ripened Italian tomatoes are processed harvest-fresh and carefully in the traditional way. Harmoniously rounded off with fruity fresh olives, capers and fine herbs and spices, this tomato sauce is a true classic of the Mediterranean cuisine! Content: 330 ml

Rapunzel - organic Emmer Penne wholewheat - 500g

Regular price €3.29* -€0.30 Price €2.99*
(€5.98*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Short tubes with finer grooves and beveled Ends. Pasta in a pure Emmer quality with fine nutty taste. The original grain is ideal for making the best Pasta! Its firm grain of pasta is the perfect al dente bite, and a fine, lightly nutty Aroma. Content: 500 g

Rapunzel tomato sauce Tuscany - 335ml

Price €1.99*
(€5.94*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Fruity with a mild tomato sauce with fine vegetables and fresh Basil. The tomato sauce contained tomatoes are 100% made in Italy. You can enjoy the Rapunzel in cooperation with Sativa-grown organic tomato variety 'Mauro Rosso and support organic seed projects. Biological new varieties as they allow farmers the independence of seed-monopolies. Content:...

Rapunzel - tomato sauce Bolognese, vegan, with soy - 330ml

Price €2.79*
(€8.45*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The vegetarian Alternative to the classic Bolognese Sauce! Hearty, spicy and fruity in taste. Fine soy pieces to the Sauce to give your typical Bolognese character! Aromatic herbs and spices round out the flavor of the Sauce. Content: 330 ml

A. Vogel bioSnacky Vital-mix - 40g

Price €1.19*
(€2.97*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Vital-mix with mung beans, lentils, Radishes, radish, and mustard seeds from organic farming. Spicy-spicy taste. For vegetable dishes, soups, salads, Dips, etc. The mung bean is about the Asian cuisine and has found its versatility in a short period of time, many lovers. You can easily drag and enriches the dining plan in many respects. In the case of the...

Rapunzel Breakfast porridge Omega - 500g

Price €5.99*
(€11.98*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The Good Morning Breakfast porridge gives energy without straining. Delicate oat and spelt flakes, aromatic almond pieces, finely nutty hemp seeds and Chiasaat make this porridge a real Power Breakfast. It supplies your body with valuable Omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality vegetable protein and valuable fiber. Blueberries and black currants to make the...

Rapunzel - organic Lasagne sheets Semola - 250g

Price €1.99*
(€7.96*/ 1 kg)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Lasagna plates without pre-cooking-usable and make for layered pleasure. Rapunzel Pasta is made according to the ancient Tradition of only the best Italian durum wheat semolina and pure spring water. A slow and gentle drying at low temperatures provides the characteristic taste and cooking for the right bite. Content: 250 g


In unserem Online-Shop finden Sie zahlreiche Bio-Lebensmittel: Von gesunden Müsli-Mischungen über Getränke, Öle und Fette bis zu den viel gepriesenen Superfoods. Bio-Lebensmittel sind Lebensmittel aus kontrolliert ökologischer Landwirtschaft. Der Begriff wurde von der EU gesetzlich definiert. Voraussetzungen für den kontrolliert ökologischen Anbau sind der Verzicht auf chemische, synthetische Pflanzenschutzmittel und Dünger. Um konventionell angebaute Lebensmittel von biologisch kontrollierten Lebensmitteln zu unterscheiden, gibt es in Deutschland seit 2011 das Gütesiegel BIO, mit dem nur Produkte aus biologischem Anbau gekennzeichnet werden dürfen. Sogenannte Naturkost muss nach dieser Verordnung nicht aus biologischem Anbau kommen. Wir legen Wert auf einen höheren Qualitätsstandard. So finden Sie in unserem Online-Shop ausschließlich Lebensmittel aus biologischem Anbau.

Sind Bio-Lebensmittel denn auch gesünder? Ja, denn in ihnen sind keine Pestizide, Schwermetalle oder andere wertmindernde Stoffe enthalten. Zudem werden durch den Verzicht auf Pflanzenschutzmittel auch keine chemischen Stoffe mit dem Verzehr von Bio-Lebensmitteln aufgenommen – im Vergleich zu konventionellen Lebensmitteln, die einen höheren Nitratwert aufweisen und Rückstände von Düngern enthalten. Besonders Allergiker reagieren auf diese Schadstoffe sensibel und sollten vermehrt zu Bio-Lebensmitteln greifen. Finden Sie bei uns eine Auswahl der besten Bio-Produkte – ihrer Gesundheit zuliebe.