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Allos - oat calcium drink - 1l

Price €2.04*
(€2.04*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The oat drink, aka oat milk with calcium from Allos. Made from Italian oats, with added calcium from red lime algae. Free from lactose, gluten and soy. Contents: 1 l

Voelkel - vegetable composition - 0.7 l

Price €3.38*
(€4.83*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A finely balanced composition of gently pressed vegetables with many important nutrients for daily wellbeing. Finely balanced with valuable herbal salt, the lactic acid fermented vegetables are a tasty juice. Contents: 0.7 l

Aqua Monaco - Organic Herbal Tonic - 0.23l

Price €2.55*
(€1.11*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

You have to enjoy this tonic at least once! It is the perfect alternative for people for whom tonic water is too strong. Or for everyone who does not want or should not take quinine for other reasons. non-alcoholic Contents: 0.23 l - incl. € 0.15 deposit - bottle can be returned in the beverage store

MorgenLand - pure coconut milk - 400ml

Price €2.54*
(€6.35*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For MorgenLand coconut milk, only ripe, freshly harvested coconuts from the MorgenLand organic project in Indonesia are used and traditionally processed gently - without any additives. Contents: 400 ml

Bag Bacher - Cranberry nut juice 0,33 l

Price €4.44*
(€13.45*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

For this 100% pure pressed juice are only lat-selected, North American Cranberries (. Vaccinium macrocarpon) in the traditional way to tarnish gently with this natural mother's juice squeezed. Tip: The mother juices from our natural food safterei are ideal for sauces, as a base for fruit drinks and fruit or as a basis for food preparations. Contents: 0,33...

BEUTELSBACHER - sour cherry juice direct juice - 0.33 l

Price €4.59*
(€13.77*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Sour cherries are one of the most popular indigenous stone fruit varieties. They have an intense fruity taste. We only use freshly harvested cherries from which a naturally cloudy direct juice is gently pressed. The not-from-concentrate juice is not concentrated, but left as the original juice. We only offer you a heart-refreshing mother juice with the...

Bag BACHER - banana-vanilla-fruit-cocktail - 0,7 l

Price €3.89*
(€5.56*/ 1 l)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The sun-ripened bananas come from selected bio-dynamic development projects. The bananas are processed harvest fresh Banana puree. The unique flavor of real organic Bourbon vanilla gives this exotic Cocktail a special touch. Content: 0,7 l

Bag Bacher - buckthorn nut juice 0,33 l

Price €5.25*
(€15.26*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A taste full of juice from the fruity sea buckthorn berries, in taste, Aroma and color of every connoisseur convince. Sea buckthorn is in Europe, the fruit with the highest Vitamin C content. Contents: 0,33 l (incl. 0.15 EUR Deposit)  

Natumi - Black rice Drink - 1l

Price €2.59*
(€2.59*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A delicious Drink made of black rice with no added sugar, as a pure drinking pleasure, for cereal, for cooking and baking. Exactly how to use the normal rice milk. Only blacker. Content: 1l

BEUTELSBACHER - Aronia direct juice - 0.33 l

Price €4.20*
(€12.60*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The aronia or chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) belongs to the rose family or botanically to the pome fruit. From enchanting white flower umbels ripe purple-black aronia berries. Later, in autumn, the growing season ends for the aronia bush with its striking bright red foliage. The aronia originally comes from North America and was considered a tried and...

isis organic Tea Drink fruit 0,7 l

Price €1.49*
(€2.13*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A fruity refreshment with 0% sugar and 100% organic ingredients.The refreshing fruit is the great alternative to quench your thirst! Content: 0,7 l

Rapunzel - Tiger Quick Instant drinking chocolate - 400g

Price €6.49*
(€14.42*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Tiger Quick drinking chocolate powder - fair trade Rapunzel HAND IN HAND partners. Gorgeous chocolaty due to the particularly high cocoa content of 38%. The powder dissolves in warm than in cold milk is wonderful. Content: 400g

Sinfo - organic guacaó - 325g

Price €9.29*
(€28.58*/ Kilogramm)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Cocoa that wakes you up: delicious cocoa with raw cane sugar and guarana - whether hot or cold, it tastes heavenly, chocolatey & awakens the spirits. With organic ingredients from fair trade - produced in a climate-neutral way. Contents: 325 g

Voelkel - oat drink-glass bottle - 750ml

Price €2.20*
(€2.93*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Finally! Oat drink in a returnable glass bottle. If your ordered Miraherba, you can the glass bottle in your local health food store or supermarket to return. Content: 0.75 l

Voelkel - lemon juice - 100% juice - 0,2 l

Price €2.19*
(€1.10*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

In the sun, Mature lemons are pressed in the harvest of land and fresh in our home gently and worth preserving in bottles filled. The natural Vitamin C of carefully selected citrus fruits makes this juice a very special specialty. Content: 200 ml returnable bottle (price incl. 15 Cent Deposit)

Naturata cocoa drink with Guarana & turmeric - 100g

Regular price €4.99* -20% Price €3.99*
(€3.99*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

A stimulating Cocoa treat with a subtle Sweetness. For the cocoa beverage Naturata refers to the best fair-traded cocoa and coconut blossom sugar. The special caffeine-Kick to the cocoa drink is replaced by Guarana, and is also flavoured with turmeric controlled organic cultivation. Simply good. Content: 100 g

BEUTELSBACHER - pear-ginger Demeter juice - 0.7 l

Price €3.19*
(€4.56*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

We carefully select classic, traditional varieties of pears that come from certified organic orchards in Baden-Württemberg. - These freshly harvested pears give us a wide range of flavors. Our pear juice, produced in a quality-friendly manner, convinces with a lovely aroma and mild acidity. The added ginger gives the juice its flavor via the gingerol and...

Voelkel - Shot ginger & berries - 0,28 l

Price €3.99*
(€14.25*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The natural Kick of ginger and a lot of Vitamin C from Acerola accompanied perfectly by the infectious time.The Shor kicks with a lot of natural Vitamin C from Acerola, enlivened with a pleasantly spicy ginger and tastes delicious berry. 1 Shot provides 50% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Content: 0.28 l - a bottle of 6 Shots

Sinfo - organic guafee - 125g

Price €7.99*
(€6.39*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Guafee, the delicious alternative to coffee beans. Delicious and high-energy blend of Italian organic grain coffee & the best Sinfo Guarana from organic farming. Contents: 125 g

Voelkel Fair to go Apple Mango - turmeric- 0.25 l

Price €2.29*
(€9.16*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

ie fine spice of turmeric invigorates the aromatic fruity taste of Apple and Mango. The bright orange-coloured juice with the Plus of the wonder root in the 250 ml bottle is the perfect companion for on the go and a tasty refreshment in the office, traveling or at a picnic. All the ingredients are excellent, from fair trade and our Fair-to-gos with the...

Voelkel - BioC Sly Fox - 0,2 l

Price €2.14*
(€1.07*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Iron for wise heads and young explorersVoelkel bioC Cunning Fox is a natural, vegan, and fruity source of iron for families. Iron from organic curry leaf makes a contribution to normal cognitive development of children. The Vitamin C increases the iron absorption in the body. The recipe is especially easy to digest, because it is the citrus fruits. And...

Bag BACHER - Mango fruit cocktail - 0,7 l

Price €4.29*
(€5.97*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

In the country of origin-India sun, are pressed ripened mangoes freshly harvested, highly aromatic mango pulp. The bag Bacher Mango fruit cocktail contains the Mark of about 2-3 Mangos. (Min 32% mango pulp in 1 bottle) Due to the long-standing experience with the partnership developed Eco-projects, the bags are familiar with Bacher, the best growing...

Voelkel - Shot of ginger 60ml

Price €1.99*
(€3.32*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Kicks with a lot of natural Vitamin C from Acerola and enlivened with a pleasantly spicy ginger-taste: The Shot for your day! Content: 60 ml

Cosmoveda ORGANIC orange floral water - 250 ml

Price €4.99*
(€2.00*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Orange blossom water has a gentle calming and relaxing effect on the body. Orange flower water, like rose water in the Oriental and Indian cuisine, especially for Süsspeisen and beverage use. Content: 250 ml DE-ÖKO-003Non-EU-agriculture

Voelkel - turmeric juice from Peru - 0.2 l

Price €9.99*
(€4.99*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Turmeric plants thrive in the mountainous region of the Peruvian landscape particularly well. Already eight to ten months after the planting of the seedlings of the turmeric harvest is ripe. For this aromatic turmeric juice to be in our nature safterei fresh turmeric food tubers carefully processed. Content: 200 ml

Bag Bacher - sun-Cocktail juice - 0,2 l

Price €1.75*
(€0.88*/ 100 ml)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The sun Cocktail consists of only natural juices of native and tropical fruits. This recipe was originally developed on the occasion of the 80 anniversary from the bag, Bacher. After many customers have specially fallen in love with the juice Cocktail that he made for you as a small thank you for your customer loyalty with this recipe and a new name sun...


Superfoods – that can also be drinks. Superfoods are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants. All of our juices, and water, have a harmonising effect in relation to the body's energy and health. Rose water, for example, is one of those Superfood drinks. This water is said to have a healing, calming effect. Fruit and vegetables are available in our range of products in compressed, liquid Form.

Superfoods also contain in the Form of beverages, a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. As a result, the Superfoods have a higher health Benefits than other foods. To represent a well-balanced diet Superfoods a good addition. In our Online Shop you will find these much-vaunted Superfoods in liquid Form.