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Smooth Kaash bowl with handle for soothing Ayurvedic foot massage.

With the handle, the smooth skin is to massage the temple and is ideal for self-massage

The soothing foot massage with the Kaash bowl has a sleep-inducing and soothing before going to bed. The optimal effect of the Massage with a suitable herbal Ghee. The skin on the feet is maintained, and blood circulation.

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This Ayurvedic foot massage can be manufactured shells from Kaash, a mixture of copper, Tin and a small proportion of zinc. In Ayurveda, the various metal components of the different Doshas - due to this mixture, an optimum balance is achieved for all Doshas. In particular, the fiery Pitta is balanced, so that it leads to a cooling of the mind and the body and has been used traditionally for hot flashes and high summer temperatures, as well as with Pitta linked to problems of the eyes, and blood vessels.

Please note that the massage Cup with a copper - or tin-can Allergy be not used.


The foot massage temple is suitable for an Ayurvedic foot massage and foot reflex zone massage. To do this, RUB the soles of the feet first with Ghee , or - better - with Triphala Ghee is a. You can edit the sole of the foot, the smooth, concave outer side of the Cup. Massage the feet with light pressure in a circular motion.

The smooth Kaash-shells can be used in a thorough cleaning for the face, hands and body.

The smooth surface of the massage Cup with a calming and sleep-promoting. A Massage with pure Ghee in front of the bed on the other.

Here you will find the smooth massage Cup without a handle.

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