Lipfein - Adhesive tattoos Christmas joy (n) de - 3 sheets


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Environmentally friendly adhesive tattoos for young and old

The tattoo collection eihnachtsfreu(n)de has three sheets with motley motifs of cuddly little animals, Christmassy elves and knitted sweater creatures.

vegan, compostable, keeps for up to 6 days

Content: 3 A6 sheets



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Natural Game Tattoos: Plastic Free and Vegan

- the temporary tattoos are super easy to apply, withstand water and sweat and last an average of 2-6 days (depending on body area, stress, skin and hair).

- the ingredients of the tattoos are 100% vegan and are not tested on animals

- including 100% biodegradable paper cover

- the tattoos are dermatologically tested & tested according to the European Cosmetics Regulation

- Non-alcohol based , Henna free

- the production takes place exclusively in Austria

Apply adhesive tattoos

Cut out the motif, remove the protective paper and stick the motif side to the desired area of skin. Dampen with a wet sponge or cloth until the backing paper peels off. Dry off carefully and enjoy!

Note: Do not apply the adhesive tattoos to open skin, mucous membranes or near the eyes and mouth, or on sensitive or irritated skin. Wet glue tattoos are NOT suitable for children under the age of three. There is a risk of choking!

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