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Six feet to eat has years of experience in the sustainable breeding of insects. Since the fall of 2019 your mealworms, locusts and co. are officially approved for Human consumption. For them, the consumption of insects is a contribution to climate protection. In order to supply a growing population with animal proteins and to end the harmful and often unworthy of mass animal husbandry of mammals, put this thousand-year-old protein source in the human diet.

Species-appropriate breeding, husbandry and "slaughter" of insects is significantly easier to implement than a dignified and welfare of mammals. The killing of the edible insects is effected by a drop in temperature - the cold-blooded animals are falling and falling temperatures in a pain-free Immobile, and die in consequence. The insects also die in the nature in the autumn and Winter.

Six feet to eat cricket flour - 100g

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Dried and milled crickets as a valuable source of animal Protein. Cricket with 66%, a particularly high protein content. As a protein powder in Shakes, Smoothies or pastries. Content: 100 g