List of products by brand AlmaWin

AlmaWin products are eco-certified , highly biodegradable concentrates. The carefully selected natural raw materials are of vegetable and mineral origin. And where possible, the raw materials come from organic farming .
AlmaWin products have been successfully dermatologically tested. This guarantees you good skin tolerance .

Recyclable packaging and the use of FSC-certified cardboard and paper made from waste paper are standard. Since 2018, bottles made from 95% (PE) or 100% (PET) recycled plastic waste have also been used: THE ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES!
To be recognized by the small green leaf.

In 2017, AlmaWin was once again awarded the GREEN BRAND seal for sustainability .

AlmaWin - organic laundry fragrance Verbena - 750ml

Price €4.89*
(€6.52*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Discover the feeling of freshness in wonderfully fragrant laundry with the fragrance mixture of verbena extract and organic eucalyptus oil. Simply add it to the fabric softener compartment. AlmaWin BioWäscheduft can be combined with all AlmaWin liquid and powder detergents. Contents: 750 ml for wonderfully smelling laundry

AlmaWin - KLAR Color detergent - 1.5l

Price €5.99*
(€2.37*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The KLAR liquid laundry detergent color washes colored textiles clean. It cares for the textile fibers and also protects them from fading - for lasting color brilliance. Suitable for all colored textiles, with the exception of wool and silk. Consistently without fragrances, very skin-friendly and ideally suited for allergy sufferers. Contents: 1500 ml

AlmaWin - KLAR universal detergent soap nut - 1.5l

Price €5.99*
(€4.75*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

Due to their pH value, soapnuts are skin-friendly and wonderfully suitable for babies, toddlers and allergy sufferers: inside. The washing-active saponin from the soapnut shell makes the detergent extremely economical and protects fibers and colors. The laundry becomes pleasantly soft and can be ironed faster - without any fragrance! Suitable for all...

AlmaWin dishwasher cleaner - 200g

Price €2.99*
(€1.49*/ 100 g)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The dishwasher cleaner from AlmaWin combines effective performance with a consciousness for nature and sustainability! The cleaner degreases, descales, removes odors, and maintains rubber and metal parts - so function prevent interference and the life of your machine is extended. Dishwasher cleaner - Also for the washing machine! Contents: 2 x 100g pouches

AlmaWin - KLAR toilet cleaner - 750ml

Price €2.99*
(€3.99*/ Liter)
* Tax included (Shipping excluded)

The KLAR toilet cleaner is strong against limescale, urine scale and deposits. For a perfectly clean toilet. WITHOUT fragrances and still smells naturally fresh. Let it take effect briefly on stubborn dirt. Contents: 750 ml