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With Fitne Logona , we offer you products in organic quality, the natural balance of the body in a gentle way to restore. Our modern diets, for many, consisting of meat, milk, wheat products and sugar, often leads to an over-Acidification of the body. Important to restore the equilibrium of the addition of base-forming substances. Base-forming food and products such as Fitne Logona help the body, the existing minerals better to use and the body back into balance to bring.

Fitne Logona products are environmentally friendly produced and free from animal testing. The products contain no synthetic dyes or fragrances. Instead, in the high-quality acid-alkaline baths and toiletries, natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, wheat protein and essential Oils. A sitz bath with the excellent acid-base mixtures of Fitne Logona is sufficient, the pH in your body to improve.

Fitné Logona - bases-bathroom - 400g

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To support the natural acid-base balance: The FITNE alkaline bath supports acid-alkaline balance and the natural balance of the skin. It causes a pH-value of the bath from approx. 8. Content: 400 g