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Birch gold is a raw sweetener from the natural plant. It looks and tastes like sugar and is just as sweet. Its beneficial properties for teeth and are proven by many studies. Since it has little impact on blood sugar levels, in diabetic patients, especially popular.

Birch gold birch sugar - 500g

Price €8.49*
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

With birch gold sweet and bake it as usual, but save 40% calories. Birch sugar is also under the name of xylitol or the E number is E967 known. Birch sugar, birch gold is not affected by the blood sugar levels and is almost degraded without Insulin. He has a low glycemic Index (8) compared to sugar (70) and may reduce in children the risk of caries...

Birch gold - chewing gum cinnamon - 28g

Price €2.99*
(€10.68*/ 100 g)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Natural xylitol chewing gum without petrochemicals with cinnamon flavor. The natural gum vegan tooth care in Between. Sugar-free - with Finnish xylitol sweetened. Content: 28 g

Birch gold - candy Orange - 30g

Price €2.49*
(€8.30*/ 100 g)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Natural xylitol-candies with orange flavor. Sugar-free hard pleasure for big and small. Only with Finnish birch sugar sweetened Contents: 30 g