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Deep cleansing for your hair: Exfoliating hair and scalp mask with Amla activated charcoal to prepare for khadi herbal hair colors and as an intensive cleansing in between. Particularly recommended when changing from synthetic to vegetable coloring.

The hair mask does not stain

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The khadi Deep Charcoal Cleanse Ayurvedic hair mask effectively and gently removes silicone and styling residues from hair and scalp - in a traditional Ayurvedic and natural way. It reveals the actual condition of your hair, which conventional products often conceal. The highlight: Amla activated charcoal - an absolute market novelty that has been a secret ingredient in Ayurveda for thousands of years.

The secret of deep pore cleansing is based on the khadi Trinity effect: 1. The individual efficacy of hand-picked Indian medicinal herbs unite to form a whole and their power is increased. 2. The khadi hair masks are composed according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. 3. In a traditional manufacturing process, they are ground so gently and powder-fine - it couldn't be finer.

Even while applying the highly concentrated mask, you will feel how your scalp and hair are freed and can breathe again.


The khadi Ayurvedic Hair Mask Deep Charcoal Cleanse cleanses hair and scalp down to the pores and restores the actual condition that conventional products often only “make”. Feel how the pleasantly delicate consistency of the finely powdered mask conjures up its clarifying marvel. Silicone and styling residues are bound and washed away. Deep cleansing for your hair!

Experience the mask as part of the 3-step ritual to prepare for natural hair coloring with khadi herbal hair color or simply for deep cleansing hair care in between.

This is how the khadi Deep Charcoal Cleanse hair mask unfolds its special effect:

  • Put an amount corresponding to your hair length in a bowl and stir the delicate powder with warm water until it has a fine texture. One sachet is about one application for medium-length hair.
  • Moisten your hair and apply the mask to your scalp and the entire length of your hair to clarify. For this you can z. B. use the khadi application brush or massage in the hair mask with your hands. You like to part and start at the hairline before you move on to the lengths to really get every point.
  • When everything is covered, you put a towel over your shoulders - just in case - and leave the Deep Charcoal Cleanse hair mask in the air for 30 minutes. Now the magic begins.
  • Rinse the Deep Charcoal Cleanse hair mask thoroughly with lukewarm water. Complete.
  • You are now ready for your khadi color application.

Safety advice: Please apply only to intact skin and avoid direct eye contact. The powder dust is super fine - please do not breathe it.

By the way: Perhaps you notice that the mask takes on a deep-dark color when you mix it? Don't worry - the mask doesn't color in any way ! On the contrary: the dark color comes from the Amla activated carbon that we use. Activated charcoal is the epitome of powerful and at the same time gentle cleaning - not coloring.

Ingredients, INCI

Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Powder *, Emblica Officinalis Fruit Charcoal Powder *.

*from controlled organic cultivation

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