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Preparation has never been easier: every starting color is inherently unique - just like khadi herbal hair colors. khadi Color Prep supports a clearly reliable color result and optimally prepares your hair structure for coloring with your khadi herbal hair color. Particularly recommended when coloring from a very light hair color to a dark shade . Discover the two most important use cases under "Application".

Gives your hair a warm, light basic tone, as an optimal preparation for the actual coloring.

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The khadi Color Prep is not only a color strength primer for your favorite color, it works like a keratin cure on the hair thanks to the senna / cassia it contains. It strengthens and protects your hair and closes roughened hair structures. Ziziphus gives your hair moisture and regenerates your hair in a traditional Ayurvedic way for a radiant shine that comes from within. Thanks to henna , the warm blonde or the intense copper is created, which as a base color forms the perfect adhesion base for dark, ashy colors. In addition, it has a healing effect on the scalp and strengthens the hair from the roots to the tips.

  • optimally prepares your hair structure for coloring with your khadi herbal hair color
  • supports an intense color result, especially when coloring from a very light / gray hair color to a dark shade
  • colors the hair in a warm shade of blonde to an intense copper base color
  • only use the khadi Color Prep in conjunction with a shade for which it is recommended
  • 100% natural, vegan and free from synthetic ingredients

khadi Color Prep: the optimal basis for a reliable and clear color result

In order to color from a very light to a very dark shade, we recommend that you prepare your hair with the khadi Color Prep in the first step: with the finely ground color powder, which only contains the most potent plant parts, it colors your hair in one warm golden blonde to an intense copper . This basic color optimally prepares your hair structure for coloring with your khadi herbal hair color. This first, warm layer of color provides the cool shade you want to color with the perfect adhesion surface. In addition, the primer of the Color Prep strengthens the color strength of your desired shade and supports a particularly intense color result.


khadi herbal hair color has excellent coloring power and colors permanently. With very light hair, khadi Color Prep supports intensive coloring. It pre-pigmented your hair and creates a secure base for a change from very light to darker shades.

Base coloring / previously chemical coloring

You surely know the clearly visible approach that occurs when your hair grows out after being dyed with synthetic hair color. The khadi Color Prep gives these as a base color a warm golden blonde to an intense copper, in order to prepare them perfectly for the coloring with your desired nuance of the khadi herbal hair colors. This is how you achieve optimal gray hair coverage and smooth transitions.

Instructions for Khadi Color Prep

1. Wash your hair with a khadi natural shampoo .

TIP: If necessary, use the khadi Deepl Charcoal Cleanse hair mask to rid your hair of synthetic residues through chemical coloring or silicone-based products.

2. Mix khadi Color Prep with 80 ° C warm water to a cream.

3. Apply it carefully like your khadi hair color.

4. Wash Color Prep thoroughly with water only after 60 minutes. Color with your khadi hair color according to the instructions.


Please apply only to intact skin and avoid direct eye contact. The powder dust is super fine - please do not breathe it. Let the mixed powder cool down to a temperature that is comfortable for you before application.

Ingredients, INCI

Cassia auriculata leaf powder *, Lawsonia inermis leaf powder *, Ziziphus jujuba leaf powder *, Ziziphus spina-christi leaf powder *. 100% organic of total * from organic agriculture.

*from controlled organic cultivation

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