The German courts want to protect the consumers from the supposedly misleading impact statements. In particular, in terms of food, the German legislator is of the opinion that this may, in principle, have no effect, but only the necessary to supply the body with nutrients.

The statements made in this web Shop, refer to the Ayurvedic texts. This century-old traditional Knowledge is based on the experience of the wise Rishis of the Vedic high culture. These have made for all of the foods and herbs with detailed descriptions of their Ayurvedic function for the body and mind. It should not be claimed on any of the products in this Internet store have an effect in the sense of Western medicine.

All of the products in this Internet-Shop are food, food supplements or cosmetics. You are not on any medication and have no medical effect. If you are sick and in need of medical treatment, please contact your doctor or medical practitioner.