Compostella natural wax-paper - 8m roll
Compostella natural wax-paper - 8m roll
Compostella natural wax-paper - 8m roll

Compostella natural wax-paper - 8m roll

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COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper is the ideal packaging for sausage, cheese, ham, fruit, vegetables, leftovers. Thanks to ultra-thin and compostable natural wax coating greasy and not moisturized it. As the "bread-and-butter-paper" and ideal for lunch suitable.

Contents: 1 roll of 8 m


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The natural wax paper has a thin Carnauba wax coating, so that moisture foods such as smoked fish, ham, boiled, goat cheese, etc. in a completely natural Material-packaged and well-kept.
Conventional wax papers, how they are used in butcher shops, fish shops and cheese counters as wrapping papers, usually have a wax coating of Paraffin. Paraffin is a petroleum product, and petroleum products contradict our idea of sustainability. For this reason, there is COMPOSTELLA natural wax-paper exclusively from renewable raw materials and is therefore fully compostable.
Carnauba wax is a pure food-wax and totally harmless to human health, and vegan.

COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper at a glance

  • from renewable raw materials
  • completely all-natural, purely plant-based
  • residue-free compostable
  • usable on both sides
  • water-repellent
  • grease-proof
  • breathable
  • food-safe
  • free of chemicals
  • free of silicone, Paraffin and petroleum
  • odour-neutral
  • neutral in taste
  • German quality product

Note: does not Tolerate heat above 80°C

You should note: COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper not parchment paper to useas the coating at higher temperatures melts and the baking sheet can get dirty. As the back of the paper, we recommend our 1 for 4 paper.



COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper with natural Carnauba wax coating is completely all-natural, residue-free compostable, usable on both sides, made from renewable raw materials, breathable, free of chemicals, taste - and flavour-neutral, food-safe, grease-proof, water-repellent, free from silicone, Paraffin, and petroleum, German quality product.
100% unbleached cellulose from the European crawl-wood, FSC - and PEFC - certified.

Wax coating

The wax used for the coating of the nature paper, comes from the leaves of the Carnauba palm. The palm tree does not grow in the North of Brazil, wild, so in the plantations. The leaves are cut off, the wax is scraped off, the leaves grow back. Yeah!

Carnauba wax is a pure food-wax, and entirely harmless. It contains no fragrances which is also Allergy important. Carnauba wax is the hardest known natural wax. It has a melting point of 80-87 °C, so that it is also in warm and solar radiation remains stable.


COMPOSTELLA natural wax paper is made exclusively from renewable raw materials, and is thus in a short time completely compostable. The Decay time is, depending on the compost conditions, an average of 21 to 28 days.

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