Forrest & Love copper drinking Cup diamond 300ml

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Drink water like you are in a Indian Palace.

Stylish and quite elegant, the Forrest & Love the copper mug is presented in a diamond Look. A masterpiece for all, the arts and crafts, and majestic Design love. The mug holds 300 ml and is a virtually indestructible companion for traveling, camping, at home or in the office. The water in the copper Cup is, after some time, alkaline, and helps a sore organism to compensate. In Ayurveda the water out of the copper compensates for the Cup, all the three Doshas.

Content: capacity of 300 ml. Dimensions: 10x6 cm

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  • made of pure copper
  • unique Handicrafts from Gujarat in North India
  • self-sterilizing
  • over the generations, preserved

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Copper in Ayurveda

Drinking water from a copper Cup to drink, has significant health benefits and is recommended in Ayurveda as well as health experts at the same time very. Water from copper vessels (in Ayurvedic medicine as a "Tamra Jal" means) balances the three Doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha in the body by the water gently with the positive health properties of copper is provided.

Alkaline water, thanks to copper

In addition, the Forrest & Love copper mugs make the contained water to a natural alkaline drinking pleasure, this balances the pH in the digestive tract that is frequently acidic. Thus, enough copper ions can diffuse into the water to move the pH of the water Alkaline, the water for 6-8 hours (so overnight is best) in a Cup.

Studies prove that copper has an antibacterial function, our immune system strengthens, the aging slows down and toxins are eliminated.

Water from the copper Cup helps copper deficiency to relieve

Drinking from copper vessels, helps to relieve a copper deficiency. If you are suffering from a copper deficiency, you should contact however, in addition to your doctor.

Care for your Forrest & Love copper mugs

The copper mug is composed of 99.7% pure copper and patina with time under the action of water and oxygen of course. To clean the Kufperbecher, sprinkle just a pinch of salt, vinegar or baking soda on a slice of Lemon and RUB the Whole gently on the surface of the Becheres. Lemon and salt will form an acidic mixture, which removes the Patina in a natural way and the Shine of the copper to restore. Once you are done, simply rinse with water and dry well.

Wash your copper mug in the dishwasher.

Before the first use, clean!

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