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The toothbrush made from 100% natural raw materials without harmful plasticizers, and is completely biodegradable.

For an optimal cleaning result, the toothbrush has been developed together with dentists:

  • Brush head medium to small
    Maximum cleaning pad in relation to the optimum Reach of all teeth.

  • Bristles of medium hardness to soft
    A good Brushing with hard bristles is not enough to justify injury in the oral cavity.

  • Tufts of multi-tufted
    Closely spaced tufts of Bristles to optimise the cleaning result.

  • Bristles cut smoothly
    The smooth cut, the Bristles are optimally rounded.

  • The brush head is angled
    So you can easily get to the rear molars.

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Before wood residues can be implemented in cogeneration plants to electricity or heat, power biobrush Berlin toothbrushes it – and virtually CO2-neutral.

In the biobrush Biozahnbürste and their packaging are processed only little fossil raw materials. The bioplastic cellulose is used from the residues of the wood processing industry. This results in the brush handle and the packaging can be produced. The Nylon bristles castor oil forms the base.


  • In the bioplastics natural be used plasticizers. In the selected pigments of the colors, the addition of heavy metals is far below.
  • For the bristles of the Biozahnbürste Nylon from castor oil. Under the dental point of view, according to independent dentists, Nylon is still the ideal hygienic Material.


  • For the manufacture of the plastic material, the bristles and the packaging only small quantities of fossil raw materials. The bioplastic material of the biobrush wood remnants, which are often burned directly.
  • The wood comes from sustainable forestry (certificate available).
  • There's hardly any fossil resources are embedded in the brush, burn them at the end of your life time, virtually CO2-neutral.
  • After the thermal recycling of households with electricity and heat can be supplied energy. (in the yellow bin)

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