Himalaya Neem & Pomegranate toothpaste 150 g

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Neem is used in India for centuries to maintain oral hygiene. It is antibacterial and antiviral and is an important part of Ayurveda medicine.

The Himalaya Neem toothpaste cleans the teeth thoroughly and keeps breath fresh. The ingredients originate from controlled organic cultivation and create a healthy gums and a radiant Smile.

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For Himalaya Neem & Pomegranate toothpaste is a proven formula used:

  • Pomegranate extract is as an effective antioxidant known.
  • Neemblätter extract of Neem has been renowned for centuries for cleaning teeth used and is characterized by a variety of positive properties.
  • Triphala supports the vitality of the gums
  • Haritaki is the Chebulische Myrobalane tree, which in Ayurveda is of particularly high value for the inner and outer body care.
  • Acacia extract is used as a soothing and a cooling effect is felt.
  • Xylitol is a healthy sugar substitute, and its beneficial effect on teeth and gums proven.


Xylitol (Himalayan birch wood), Glycerin (from vegetable oils), Aqua (water), calcium carbonate, silica (natural mineral), Punica granatum Extract (pomegranate extract) *, Lauryl Glucoside (from coconut oil), Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Disodium Cocoyl Glutamate (from amino acids & vegetable oil), Stevia rebaudiana extract (Süsskraut), Natural Flavour (using essential Oils and botanicals), Chondrus Crispus (carrageenan) & Glucose, Menthol (from peppermint leaves) *, Xanthan Gum (natural thickener), sodium benzoate, sea salt, potassium sorbate, Thymol (from thyme leaf oil), Ribes Emblica Fruit Extract (Drain) **, Triphala - the most popular means of Ayurveda, consisting of the following 3 plant materials: Terminalia Chebula Fruit Extract (Chebulische Myrobalan) **, bell Erica Terminalia Fruit Extract (bell Eric Myrobalan ) **, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract (Amla) **. Acacia nilotica Bark Extract (Indian gum Arabic) **, Melia Azadirachta Leaf Extract (Neem) **.

* Ingredients from organic farming.
** Organic extract by high pressure extraction

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Super zufrieden

Die erste Tube ist fast leer - und ich bin begeistert! Nach langem ausprobieren bleibe ich nun bei dieser :)


Absolut empfehlenswert

Ich muss ehrlich sagen, ich hab schon viele Zahnpasten ausprobiert (mittlerweile ca. um die 40 Stück), aber diese Zahnpasta, die ich sogar nur durch Zufall entdeckt habe, gehört auf jeden Fall zu meinen persönlichen TOP 3. Geschmacklich ist diese absolut top und der Reinigungseffekt scheint auch super zu sein, aber das ist bei Xylit bzw. Xylitol auch nicht anders zu erwarten.<br /> <br /> Diese Zahnpasta wird es also regelmäßig auf meine Einkaufsliste schaffen.

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