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The stain is there, the Need is great, help is on the way: SODASAN bleaching agent and Stain remover transforms dirty Laundry into a luminous textiles. Even at 40 degrees! In clear text this means: SODASAN not only whitens whites, brightens grey fabrics and removes bleachable stains. SODASAN solves Laundry the real problems of the white and colorfast colorful. Every Day!

By the way, also for the environment...

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Sometimes you don't want to know what is in detergents and bleaching agents in it. In the case of SODASAN, because the bleach and the stains of salt from SODASAN waives genetic engineering and releasing chemicals, enzymes, and petrochemical Bleach activators for this reason, without the use of chlorine. However, it is eco-conscious can go: With the renunciation of nuclear power and the environmentally-conscious power from Greenpeace energy shows SODASAN how easy the protection of the environment even in the case of the detergent preparation can be.

The washed: The benefits of organic stains, salt

  • Particularly effective and hygienic, thanks to the Active oxygen formula
  • Particularly subtle aromas to neutrality
  • Particularly scrupulous by avoiding chlorine-releasing bleaching agents, preservatives and enzymes
  • Especially useful due to an improved washing effect of the detergent
  • Particularly versatile in wash temperatures between 40 and 95 degrees


For a 4.5 kg washing machines-charge:
35 g = 1,5 tbsp. per wash in the detergent compartment for the main wash, give.

By regular addition of SODASAN bleaching agent & Stain remover to prevent the premature Greying of white textiles. SODASAN bleaching agent & Stain remover can be also used for the removal of bleachable stains such as tea or lipstick in the dishwasher used to be. Dose 15 g = 1Essl. in addition to the detergent.


SODASAN wool and delicates detergent is very concentrated. Please dose in case of doubt, rather a smaller amount. There is no additional water softener is required.

Ingredients, INCI

sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium carbonate.

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