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Clean but dripping dishes? The sodasan rinse aid puts an end to drying! Vegetable. Fragrance neutral. And above all: time-saving!

In this way, dishes are now dry and shiny in a particularly gentle and environmentally friendly way. Suitable for all commercially available machines. The sodasan rinse aid is made on the basis of plant-based surfactants and thus easily manages the balancing act between ecology and maximum productive washing results.

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Not only the dishes are happy about this:

  • The Sodasan rinse aid is made on the basis of vegetable surfactants
  • dry and shiny wash results
  • pleasant fragrance neutrality
  • Can be used in all standard dishwashers

Why chemically when you can also use plants?

sodasan attaches great importance to an ecologically sound and particularly environmentally friendly production method. And that does not only apply to what is hidden IN the products. Sodasan also ensures sustainability. For example, with electricity from Greenpeace energy that is free of nuclear power and CO²-neutral production. Of course also with the rinse aid alternative from sodasan. Is there actually more?


The rinse aid is poured into the appropriate compartment of the dishwasher. Please note the dosage instructions for the dishwasher. The rinse aid is automatically dosed in the final rinse cycle by the dishwasher.

Product features: If you notice white limescale deposits on dishes or glasses, increase the setting of the rinse aid in your dishwasher. You can find more detailed information in the instructions for use for the dishwasher.

Ingredients, INCI

aqua, citric acid, alcohol denat., potassium citrate, lauryl glucoside, decyl glucoside.

pH value: 2.3 - 2.8

Environmental notice

All ingredients are plant-based and quickly and completely biodegradable (OECD). The complete biological degradation (secondary degradation) of the alcohol takes place into carbon dioxide and water. Sugar surfactants are made from vegetable starch and coconut fat. Citric acid is a natural component of all organisms. Both raw materials are also completely broken down into carbon dioxide and water and are considered to be easily biodegradable (OECD).


Bottle made of PE, cap made of PP, label made of paper

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