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In Ayurvedic philosophy, warm salt water is recommended for a nasal shower. This slim nasal rinsing jug is made of ceramic and has a capacity of 100 ml.

Every NETI jug comes with detailed instructions for use.

Contents: 1 neti pot, 100 ml capacity, instructions for use

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Rinsing with the NETI jug has a very effective effect on the entire nasal area: the salt dissolves mucus and prevents many diseases in a natural and gentle way. Regular rinsing also stimulates the nasal mucosa.

Especially in heated, air-conditioned rooms and when the climate changes, it is easy to dry out the mucous membranes. The normal secretion of the nasal mucous membrane is disturbed and the susceptibility to infections increases.
The nasal rinse enables self-responsible health care.

Nasal rinsing according to Ayurveda

Use only iodine-free salt without additives for the Ayurvedic nasal douche, preferably crystal salt from the Himalayan region or sea salt. Fill the neti pot with a mixture of 1% salt with lukewarm water (approx. 2.5 g salt to 1/4 l water). Then gently insert the beak of the neti pot into one nostril. Tilt your head slightly forward and to the side, then lift the neti pot so the salt water can run into the nostril and out of its own through the lower nostril. Breathe gently through your open mouth. Then you snort out through both nostrils - this may release further secretion. Repeat this process.

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