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In Ayurvedic philosophy, warm salt water is recommended for nose cleaning. This NETI pot is made of high quality porcelain.

Each NETI pot is a detailed instruction manual is included.

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The rinsing with the NETI-pot has a very effective effect on the entire Nasal area: The salt dissolves Mucous and prevents many diseases in a natural and gentle way. In addition, a rule stimulates even the nasal rinse skin.

Especially in heated, air-conditioned rooms, and in the case of climate change it comes to skin easily dried-up mucus. The normal secretion of the nasal mucosa is disturbed, skin, and the susceptibility to infections increases.
The nasal lavage allows for a self-responsible health care!


Use only jodfreies salt without additives, the best crystal salt from the Himalayan Region or sea salt. You fill the Neti pot with a mixture of 1 % salt with lukewarm water (about 2.5 g of salt to 1/4 litre of water). Then, run the Beak of the Neti-pot into a nostril. Tilt the head slightly forward and to the side, and then raise the Neti pot so that the salt water can run into the nose-hole, and through the lower nostril out running. You breathe gently through the open mouth. After that, you snort through both nostrils - this is another of the Secretion dissolves. You repeat this process.

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