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Whether you are undergoing a cleansing regimen or not, the Ayurvedic morning routine dinacharya should be part of your morning rituals.

You support your well-being, purify the organism, keep your dosas in balance and start the day by gently getting your circulation going.

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Contents: Instructions, tongue scraper, oral care oil 100ml, alkaline bath 400g, sesame oil 500ml



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We have put together everything you need for your morning routine in our dinacharya set. We have only selected the highest quality products which, according to our own experience, are ideally suited for daily use and actively support the detoxification process

You can find a detailed description of the Ayurvedic morning routine in our Miraherba blog: The Ayurvedic morning routine

Product details

Miraherba - tongue scraper

Made of hygienic, rust-free stainless steel. Heavy, solid quality (approx. 10 g weight) with high-quality finishing! Incl. Description in German, English and French.

Cosmoveda - Oral Care Oil - 100ml

Gargling with oral care oil, known as gandusha, is an important part of daily oral hygiene. According to Ayurveda, it can provide preventive protection against infections, it cares for the voice, strengthens the gums and can prevent tooth decay.

Green - sesame oil - 500ml

Sesame oil is the only oil that has the property of being able to penetrate very deeply into the tissue during massages in order to warm it up.

Fitné Logona - alkaline bath - 400g

The basic mineral sodium hydrogen carbonate helps the body to remove acids through the skin. The skin is cleaned pore-deep but gently. High quality jojoba oil from controlled organic cultivation and wheat proteins care for the skin and leave the skin feeling soft and supple. For an acid-base balance and an all-round pleasant bathing experience.


- Instructions for the morning routine and Abhyanga (massage)
- tongue scraper
- Oral pulling oil Cosmoveda *
- base bath *
- Sesame oil for massage 0.5l *

* from controlled organic cultivation

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