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The organic CBD and CBG hemp flower tea of the Futura variety contains approx. 4% CBD + CBG and no hallucinogenic substances. The organic hemp tea is grown in Germany, is completely natural and comes directly from the producer. It makes a golden yellow tea that tastes pleasantly "grassy" and is reminiscent of green tea. Can be sweetened to taste.

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The BIO hemp flowers of the Futura variety (Cannabis Sativa) grown by the hemp grown in summer are 100% natural and come directly from the producer. As small farmers, the Hanflinge personally take care of the entire process: from sowing to shipping. In this way you can guarantee sustainable and environmentally friendly production.


In order to offer you the best quality, these hemp flowers are hand picked. These are female flower buds that naturally also contain seeds. Then the flowers are gently air-dried in the traditional way, protected from light, so that they develop their intense taste and optimum effect. When packing, the hemp flowers are handpicked so that only the most beautiful flowers are selected!

Hemp flowers:

It is about noise-free legal industrial hemp. The Hanflinge hemp flowers have been tested several times by independent laboratories.


We recommend brewing the Futura flowers and letting them steep for between 3 and 10 minutes.

The longer the tea steeps, the more intense the taste becomes. You need about 0.5g of hemp flowers (one teaspoon) per cup. Also, to promote the dissolution of the CBD, we recommend adding some fat, such as: B. (vegetable) milk, cream or coconut oil.


Hemp flowers * (100%).

* from controlled organic cultivation

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ZWERGENWIESE Naturkost GmbH Langacker 1, 24887 Silberstedt
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Deutschland, Europäische Gemeinschaft
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