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Super is Normalo's longer sister. (Not to be confused with "Nett", the little sister of... uh... Bernd? Doris? It doesn't matter.)

Content: 12 pieces

The special thing about the ultra-thin and absorbent einhorn Ultra Night Pad Super is the outer material made of fair-trade, certified organic cotton with a transparent supply chain.


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We'd like to brag here that "super" is a secret code for a funky high-tech feature, like an integrated ejection seat that ejects you straight to the nearest Caribbean beach. But the Padsy Super would never allow us such swindles - it has committed itself to a strict oath of transparency, which it lives out completely on its packaging!

The Super is a bit longer at the back than the Normalo and offers that little something extra that is sometimes so badly needed. It's also great that we feed the Femfund, which supports feminist NGOs and activists, with their profits.

As you can see, there is a lot to tell. It is best to book your personal super consultation for the next cycle directly. Will be great for sure!


The pad is kind to the skin and 50% of the profits from the product go to feminist initiatives and NGOs. einhorn compensates for the plastic used and the CO2 required for the production of this product.

- With a top sheet made from Tanzanian organic dream wool and a completely transparent supply chain
- 31% less CO2 and more content than before
- Ultra-thin and skin-friendly
- Extra long for the night

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