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Never more Tampons look when the period comes as a surprise! Just the menstrual Cup out, get use done. The Menstruationscup saves money, waste and Worry - and is also good for the environment.

The small menstrual Cup is ideal if you have more of a light to medium bleeding, under 30 and no childbirth have experienced.

Contents: 1 small menstrual Cup, cotton bag and a cool Sticker


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You say Papperlacaup to the period!

The facts to the little unicorn menstrual Cup:

  • For Menstruating under the age of 30 have not giving birth
  • made of 100% medical-grade silicone - not plastic!
  • The small menstrual Cup holds 17ml
  • Diameter 39,9 mm
  • Many years of reusable
  • Made in Germany - no long production paths half way around the world
  • There are also large!

These are the advantages of the unicorn menstrual cups:

Unlike Tampons, the menstrual period begins, the period blood on the Cup-safe, without the drying out of the vagina. This makes their use even in the moderate period flow, very pleasant.

Its smooth surface makes it undesirable bacteria difficult to establish.

Wearing the menstrual Cup in the pelvic floor muscles trained vagina by the way.

With good care a menstrual Cup for many years can be used. This saves waste, money, and frantic emergency purchases.

How does the unicorn menstrual Cup?

Before the first Use, you should boil the menstrual Cup. You may want to trim the stem of the Cup a bit (you can do that, of course, after the first Trial). Then the soft, smooth cups fold, and in the vagina. He should sit as low as possible and with a noticeable "plop" unfold. This is the last thing you feel from him - he is completely unnoticed. On the spot he catches the menstrual blood, without the drying out of the vagina. Does the Cup in the case of strong bleeding as well as in the case of a very light period at the end of the day.

Remove the menstrual Cup several times a day and wash with water and soap before using it again. To remove the menstrual Cup, pull up on your handle until you have a secure grip. You may need to resolve the vacuum by pushing the edge a little. Fear not: It requires a bit of Practice, and a slightly stooping posture, until the accident-free. At the latest after the first period you should have the hang of it, however, out.

After the days you clean the Menstruationscup thoroughly and keep the Cup until next Time be safe in his fancy tree bag on wool.

Some Menstruating feel better, if you add a panty liner to wear.


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