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Green Tree incense sticks from the Native Soul series. The fine, aromatic, needle-wood, and süßharzige fragrance of the Holy wood Palo Santo comes from South and Central America. Together with Copal, Palo Santo is a cure for ages smoky body, mind and soul. The scent rooms, cleanse, dispels Negative energies and helps you in Meditation to prepare.

Green Tree incense sticks are made from natural ingredients, by Hand, without any animal, toxic or Petro-chemical additives.

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Green Tree incense sticks are made in India especially for European smoker.
The Green Tree Candle Company is enriched incense sticks the fragrance world with its exquisite. All incense sticks are traditionally made in India by hand, with a high quality value. It is only 100% natural herbal ingredients are used and on the purity of the fragrances are particularly respected.

Green Tree wants to treat us with the best scents of mother earth in a completely natural way. Each fragrance is fine-tuned, the workmanship is high quality and the selection is large but manageable.


To fill with smoke of incense sticks is very simple: as you light the incense at the top and blow out the flame then. Let the incense on a fireproof support or in an incense holder burn.

Safety note: When Smoking can occur very high temperatures. The incense burners can become very hot. There is a risk of fire. Protective gloves and fire-resistant rootstocks are recommended. Animals and children generally keep away.
While using, do not leave unattended.

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