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Ambrosia for the gods - This majestic fragrance unfolds in the atmosphere like a fine high glitter. It transforms existing energies and it is as if golden divine sparks are spreading. A truly divine fragrance.
Holy Smokes Ambrosia incense sticks are hand-rolled with selected natural ingredients such as sandalwood, various herbs, flowers and oils using the traditional masala method.

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Under the brand "Holy Smokes" by Susanne Berk there are different lines of incense sticks from different regions and cultures of the world.
For the incense sticks, a basic substance made of wood, resin, oils and herbs is first mixed. The wood is crushed into fine chips. The herbs are also ground into a powder in a mortar.

The paste created with the help of the oils and resins is rolled into shape around a wooden stick. From an energetic point of view, a lovingly handcrafted incense stick always carries the energy of its manufacturer.


Burning incense sticks is very simple: light the incense stick at the tip and then blow out the flame. Allow the incense to burn over a fireproof surface or in an incense holder.

Safety note: Very high temperatures can occur during smoking. The incense burners can get very hot. There is a risk of fire. Protective gloves and fireproof pads are recommended. Always keep animals and children away.
Please do not leave unattended during use.

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