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Palo Santo is very rich in essential oils and smells wonderfully aromatic, almond-like with a hint of coconut.

The Palo Santo incense sticks are made from 100% natural substances. The proportion of Palo Santo wood and Palo Santo oil is very high. The Palo Santo used comes directly from Peru. The high-quality paste is rolled up by hand on a bamboo stick and lovingly dried in the sun.

Contents: 10 incense sticks



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Palo Santo is - as the name suggests - the sacred wood; South America, comparable to sandalwood in India. It mainly grows in Peru. The Peruvians believe that their Palo Santo has strong powers - after all, it also thrives on very poor soil.
In the ancient Andean peoples, Palo Santo was a major part of ritual, religious and magical festivals. It has the power to drive away negative energies and is a powerful atmospheric cleaner. The mind relaxes and opens up to higher spheres. A sacred space is created for inner development, meditation and rituals. A new lightness spreads and makes worries and problems disappear.

Natural incense sticks with pine wood

The Berk stone pine incense sticks are made from 100% natural substances.
The pine wood and oil for our incense sticks comes from Austria.

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