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The fresh turmeric root is used in many Asian countries for Coloring dishes. Curcuma mixtures is the most important ingredient for all curries and is used in the fresh Form, similar to ginger.

Turmeric has for thousands of years a high place in Ayurveda and is being researched for many years in Western medicine-intensive.

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Curcuma (turmeric) is also the name of turmeric or Turmeric known. Before further use, it is peeled and grated or finely - watch chopped with the clothes and the fingers, turmeric stains a strong yellow. Turmeric not only fits to many Asian dishes, we use the root like fresh pumpkin or potato soup. Or a few slices in a glass of hot water as a daily immune-modulating drinks.
To can by the way: Easter to color even the Easter eggs, delicate yellow!

You can also use them as a basis for their Golden milk. In our Blog you will find a recipe for homemade Golden milk.

Turmeric is also, of course, as a dried and ground spice in a small 50g pack , and is particularly Yellow-Greedy in the 250 g package is available. And who it is rather liquid-like, comes here for turmeric juice!

Please note:

Fresh turmeric roots should be dry and airy, and stored in the fridge or in a plastic packaging. In the air, the roots dry out somewhat, but since it is only the loss of water, the ingredients and their effect completely. Sometimes the roots are small green shoots. This can stop and eat - they taste slightly bitter and harmonize the digestive fire, agni.


Turmeric root*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Country of origin: depending on availability, from India, Peru and Dom. Rep.

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100 g
100 g

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