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The soft velvet glove for your sensitive hair: very mildly cleansing, soothing and intensely nourishing powder shampoo.

The khadi Ayurvedic powder shampoo Sensitive Herbal Wash is gentle cleaning and care in one. In a traditional Ayurvedic and natural way, it harmonizes your scalp and gives your hair intensive care. khadi powder shampoo is the Ayurvedic answer to solid hair care: natural, highly concentrated, effective and at the same time sooooo gentle.

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The secret of the cleansing and at the same time intensely nourishing Sensitive Herbal Wash powder shampoo is based on the khadi Trinity effect: 1. The individual efficacy of hand-picked Indian medicinal herbs are combined into a whole and their power is increased. 2. The powder shampoo is composed according to traditional Ayurvedic recipes. 3. In a traditional manufacturing process, they are ground so gently and powder-fine - it couldn't be finer.

Even while you are applying the gentle shampoo, you will feel how your scalp relaxes, irritation is alleviated and your hair is happy about the beneficial care.

Pure Ayurveda - the Sensitive Herbal Wash powder shampoo combines a rich treasure trove of selected Indian medicinal herbs. Holy basil has a calming and balancing effect. Reetha cleanses gently and, together with Shikakai, is particularly shine-promoting. Bhringaraj supports healing, has a strengthening and cooling effect. Neem is powerfully antiseptic, which helps relieve dandruff and inflammatory itching. Hibiscus is rich in vitamins and minerals. It gives the hair moisture and thus promotes strength and vitality. Fenugreek is a well-known remedy for skin diseases. It has an antibacterial effect against inflammation and strengthens the hair deep into the roots. The contained vitamins C, E and D promote blood circulation in the scalp, protect against free radicals, support hair growth and also work against hair loss. Amla supplies your hair with lots of vitamin C and antioxidants ... to name just a few ingredients!


The khadi Ayurvedic powder shampoo Sensitive Herbal Wash is cleaning and care in one. In a traditional Ayurvedic and natural way, it harmonizes your scalp and gives your hair intensive care. Feel how the pleasantly delicate consistency of the finely ground shampoo conjures up its harmonizing marvel. OOOMMM!

This is how the khadi Sensitive Herbal Wash Powder Shampoo unfolds its special effect:

  1. Put an amount corresponding to your hair length in a bowl and stir the delicate powder with warm water until it has a fine texture. One sachet is about one application for medium-length hair.
  2. Moisten your hair and distribute the mixed powder shampoo for cleaning and care on your scalp and along the entire length of your hair - easily with your hands.
  3. Let the Sensitive Herbal Wash Powder Shampoo work for about 5 minutes - now the magic begins!
  4. Rinse the Sensitive Herbal Wash Powder Shampoo thoroughly with lukewarm water. Complete.

You can use the powder shampoo as a pampering treatment shampoo in between or you can also use it regularly - like a liquid shampoo. If you would like to apply khadi herbal hair colors afterwards, we recommend that you wash your hair beforehand with our Ayurvedic Elixir Shampoos, e.g. B. with the "big sister" of the powder shampoo - the khadi Lavender Sensitive Elixir Shampoo.

Safety advice: Please apply only to intact skin and avoid direct eye contact. The powder dust is super fine - please do not breathe it.

Ingredients, INCI

Sapindus Mukurossi Fruit Powder *, Acacia Concinna Fruit Powder *, Emblica Officinalis Fruit Powder *, Justicia Adhatoda Leaf Powder *, Azadirachta Indica Leaf Powder *, Eclipta Prostrata Powder *, Ocimum Sanctum Leaf Powder *, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum Seed Powder *, Lawsonia Seed Powder * Inermis Leaf Powder *, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Powder *, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Powder *, Ziziphus Jujuba Leaf Powder *.

*from controlled organic cultivation

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