Unicorn Can Of Coconut Brown Soap Large

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Plastic-free and fun

The Unicorn® soap box made of liquid wood is a real Innovation - 100% biodegradable, made from renewable, GMO free raw materials. The can thickness is of the plastic-free Biopolymer Lignin, wood fibers, as well as a small percentage of corn. It is made of a composite material, the injection moulding machines can work.

Contents: 1 soap box, dimensions 5 x 6.8 x 9.5 cm, colour coconut brown



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Lignin constitutes, among other things, the framework substance for plant cell walls. Around 50 million tons annually worldwide as a by-product in the paper industry and remain largely untapped.This by-product is used for the production of Raw materials, thus deforestation is avoided.

Our Unicorn® soap box is not a bioplastic added.
Also for the label exclusively renewable raw materials were used.
The ecological premise behind the Unicorn soap box is our goal of a plastic freer world. It would be a shame, a plastic-free natural soap to transport it in a plastic box.

The soap box is suitable for Your safer and more environmentally-conscious travel companion for the handbag or the backpack is perfect. Available In two sizes, protects you soap up to 150g, as well as small Soaps in travel size (25g) in the small box. By the stuck lid remains in every soap safely packaged.
Available in 3 color variants: cream, white, Coco brown and velvet black.

This Innovation is Made in Germany - both of the raw material, as well as the soap box.
This is a sustainable product which is not manufactured in mass production.
The thickness of the material is higher than conventional soap cans.

The form-resistant up to 89°C, however, we recommend to rinse the cans by Hand.
Food-safe colors approved in accordance with 1935/2004/EC

(Note: soap box is supplied WITHOUT contents)



With the award, green "brand of daily life will be honored" to respond to the increasing awareness of the population for greater sustainability, environmental protection and healthy life style and from the beginning focused.

GREEN BRANDS honors the commitment of the brands to climate protection, sustainability and ecological responsibility.

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