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The right spices are allowed to eat. Our high quality spice blends are made exclusively from the finest spices. Depending on the origin of the herbs and spices, from which they are made, they will be named. Herbs of Provence, for example, contain the fragrant herbs of thyme and Oregano from the Provence region of France. Other spice blends are according to their intended purpose named. Spice mixtures are ideal, as they can be when using it in cooking. Fresh herbs should be add only after cooking.

In our range you will also find Ayurvedic spice mixes, because we believe in the power of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic spice blends such as Ayurvedic Curry or Ayurvedic coffee spice stimulate the metabolism and contribute to a healthy, holistic way of life. Other of our spice blends can help you Spice up the taste of strong soups and Broths. You will find the right blend of spices in our Online Shop, and experience with exclusively natural ingredients, the great taste you desire.