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Open Tea

You want tea from the Finest without the paper taste from the tea bags? The taste of your favorite tea experience is the best way of loose brewed tea leaves. Pamper yourself and your guests with our Spitzentees from the best organic quality. The preparation of tea is like a ceremony. Open tea is in a tea-Egg to a boil. You will find a variety of loose teas in our range.

Best is to open a tea tastes good, if it is always stored in a dry place. An air-tight container is not an advantage, so that the tea will lose flavor. The steeping time varies depending on the type of tea. Particularly in the case of green tea the water before the Pour for a few minutes. Fruit teas can prepare you with hot, bubbling water. We have selected the best teas for you. Our teas have a diverse effect: Invigorating, relaxing, revitalizing, liberating, harmonizing, positive for head, heart, or the beauty of the skin.