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Naturally healthy: From the right shampoo to the right hair color, our range offers you the best hair care products that help your hair shine and elasticity. Our natural hair care products provide your hair with nourishing active ingredients and vitamins, special shampoos make your hair smoother and stronger, and care treatments support the regeneration of your hair with vitalizing ingredients. Our plant-based conditioners, rinses, powders and treatments offer an extra portion of care. Tailor your hair care products to the needs of your hair.

Would you like a new hair color - but without chemical agents and harmful content? With us you will find herbal, permanent hair colors that are also easy to apply. The result is a natural, radiant and even color that's easy to achieve at home. You apply the color like a shampoo and let it soak in. This is how the color molecules get into your hair and dye it naturally with your desired hair color. Even gray hair can be covered with our selected natural hair colors.