German case law wants to protect the consumer from allegedly misleading claims. With regard to food in particular, the German legislator is of the opinion that these must not have any effect, but only serve to supply the body with nutrients.

The statements made in this internet shop refer to the Ayurvedic original texts. This centuries-old traditional knowledge is based on the experiences of the wise Rishis of the Vedic high culture. They have given detailed descriptions of their Ayurvedic function for body and mind for all foods and herbs. It should not be claimed that the products in this Internet shop have an effect in the sense of Western medicine.

All products in this internet shop are food, food supplements or cosmetics. They are not drugs and have no medicinal effect. If you are sick and need medical care, please contact your doctor or alternative practitioner.

Protection of minors

1. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are only sold to people of legal age, therefore Miraherba GmbH only enters into contractual relationships with customers of legal age when selling alcoholic beverages. For this reason, customers assure by submitting their order that they are over 18 years old. The customers also assure that their information regarding their age, name and address is correct. The customer is also obliged to ensure that only he himself or persons of legal age authorized by him to receive the delivery take delivery of the goods.

2. Insofar as persons not of legal age initiate orders stating false facts and / or without the approval of their responsible persons of legal age or who are authorized to represent, Miraherba GmbH hereby revokes these contracts as a precautionary measure in accordance with Section 111 of the German Civil Code (BGB).

3. If Miraherba GmbH receives positive knowledge of an order which was triggered by giving incorrect information, in particular age information, Miraherba GmbH reserves the right to initiate criminal proceedings in addition to the above-mentioned revocation according to § 111 BGB.

Miraherba GmbH shall be liable to Miraherba GmbH for any damage resulting from orders made with incorrect information in accordance with the statutory provisions for minors or adolescents who are entitled to custody and / or represent the person who order under false information. This also includes the indemnification of Miraherba GmbH from claims that Miraherba GmbH accrues from the obligation of the customers in Section 1.