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Dietary Supplement

Deacidify and detoxify is the right way to a long health. Just who lives in a modern, and very many acidic foods to eat, you should regularly make a course of treatment to Deacidify and detoxify. So the body is detoxified thoroughly. So this happens in a natural way, we offer in our Online Shop-natural food Supplement to Ayurvedic and plant based. Whether it is for relaxation of the joints, to detoxify the cells, for detoxification of the body or General well-being: Our natural tablets and capsules to help you maintain your health.

Because beauty and health unfold first and foremost in the metabolism of the body. In our assortment you will find mineral and natural dietary supplements from the Ayurvedic medicine like herbal elixirs, herbal capsules and herbal tablets as well as Chyavanprash and Guggulu. In particular, the food Supplement according to Ayurveda, the promise of beauty and charisma as a consequence of a well-functioning metabolism. You can find in our Online Shop with the essential substances of the tablets and capsules the right supplements for your individual needs.