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mueslis and flakes

There's no breakfast: Our superfood mueslis combine organically grown cereals with fruits full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and valuable antioxidants . With just one portion of this power mix, you already cover your daily requirement for important vitamins and minerals. The grain it contains has a high satiety factor, keeps the blood sugar level stable and thus protects you from other perhaps unhealthy snacks in between.

Eat even smarter with our Ayurvedic mueslis that address the needs of body and mind alike. According to Ayurvedic teachings, the foods selected in this muesli should serve a holistic purpose. The cereal flakes should be removed a little in warm water. In order for the healthy effect of this Ayurvedic muesli to develop fully, it is best to drink hot water or ginger water with it. Tea or warm milk with a little cinnamon or ginger is also a suitable alternative. Also try our organic sports muesli, good morning muesli and breakfast porridge. In our online shop you are sure to find the right muesli for a healthy start to the day!