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Miraherba Tea

Miraherba teas are our own tea brands from controlled organic cultivation. Whether harmonizing, invigorating, comforting, or liberating – Each of our Miraherba teas will give you a tea of a special kind and brings you good and strengthened by the day. This is due to the with much attention to Detail, carefully selected ingredients that have a health-promoting, healing properties.

In the case of colds, for instance, help our Miraherba teas for the Winter: chamomile we use here due to their anti-oxidative effect on diseases of the air passages and the healing effects on inflammations of the skin and mucosa. Also, sage is a popular ingredient in our Miraherba Erkältungstees – sage also supports its own internal defenses in case of inflammation of the mouth and throat. Elderflower, thyme and nasturtium are included because of their known soothing effect on colds. Anyone looking for relaxation for body and mind, is in our Miraherba range also find. Our teas with selected mixtures of passion flower, lady's mantle, Patchouli, or Jasmine flowers have a relaxing and harmonizing effect on body and mind.