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Tea bags

That tea is healthy, that is already known for a long time. Especially green, black and white teas contain antioxidantscalled polyphenols, which free radicals in the body to capture. The tea protects the cells of the organism. The antioxidants actually have a very stabilizing effect on the human body. Tea has so quite a therapeutic, healing Potential. Not coincidentally, it is assumed in some cultures that regular tea consumption prolongs human life

With us you will not only loose teasbut also practical tea bags in the range. The tea bags can be comfortable and in style, in a Teekästchen store. The Aroma of the tea remains intact. It is important that the teas are not stored too close together and not too open. The best is an air-tight container. With proper storage, and appropriate selection of teas as you offer yourself and your guests an exquisite enjoyment of tea. Who healing herbal teas according to Ayurveda, recipe searches, will find in our Online Shop a wide selection of tea bags. High-quality herbs in organic quality to ensure the excellent taste of our teas.