Handmade soap art: The Apeiron care line cleanses gently and smells wonderful pleasant

With the Apeiron soap you can use not only their hands but also their whole body and wash your hair. The care series from Ayurvedic vegetable oil cleans deep into the pores, and regenerates at the same time, your skin and your hair. The Soaps of Apeiron, in accordance with ancient Ayurvedic recipe. The soap is bottled in wooden casks and Hand-edited, until it reaches the optimum consistency. Also Hand cut and attention to Detail is the packaging of the Soaps in our Online store.

You can feel the luxurious feeling on your skin and pamper your body with a care of the extra class soap. The clean feeling after the cleaning is a treat for your body and the very light, pleasant scent has a calming effect on your mind. The Soaps of Apeiron are known for their mild, organic ingredients. Your skin will improve with regular use, noticeable.

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