With the brand Nimi distributes the Indian company Khandige Organic Health Products based in Bangalore, selected, Vedic herbal mixtures. The company has been around for over 200 years, the quality of the recipes has been handed down until today. Nimi herbal blends combine the Knowledge of the Ayurvedic medicine , as well as the knowledge of the traditional agriculture. The herbs from organic quality originating from a certified production in the company's own cultivation areas. In particular, in the field of Ayurvedic preparations is one of the manufacturer of Nimi herbal blends today to the most experienced.

In addition to the excellent herbal mixtures and food supplements, care products and teas to the assortment. Nimi is also known for its top quality Ayurvedic face packs made from flower extracts and root powder. The care packs and masks make for a fine, gorgeously soft skin. Also, the Nimi-Churnas are very popular: The Churnas are the herbs and spices in the form of a powder. They come from wild growth and organic farming. All of our products, the quality is continually monitored by independent laboratories, so that the maximum purity is guaranteed

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