Joint pain today become a popular disease. We are moving too little, sitting daily at the Computer, our posture suffers – and our health. In the case of joint pain so-called herbal resin can help bandages and massages. Herbal resin particularly in the case of Tendon and joint pain, tension and neck pain miracle. The Ajapa herbal resins in our product range are made from selected resins manufactured and packaged by Hand. The controlled biological quality of the Ajapa products through constant checks to ensure.

Ajapa herbal resins in accordance with the Ayurvedic medicine produced. The inner peace of mind and the stability of the body are important principles of Ayurveda teaching. Body and spirit are in harmony, we can overcome all the positive and negative challenges of life. So we are to maintain our health and help our body to help itself. The Ajapa herbal resins to strengthen the body and mind. They are applied directly to the area to be treated.

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