Bio for man and nature
The Allos-founder Walter Lang in 1974, was convinced that high-Quality food need no artificial fertilizer and no synthetic pesticides, but sustainability. With this claim, even today, wholesome and natural food for a healthy diet developed Allos, according to the Motto: Mindfully with family and nature.

The Best Raw Materials
For the high-quality products used Allos only high quality raw materials. The machinability is not the benchmark for quality, but the enjoyment and the nutritional value. The Allos Hof-Manufaktur is relying on a low degree of processing. The manual Knowledge is understood as a quality feature.

Full-Fledged Bio-Original
In the Tradition of the full value-philosophy, Bio-originals, the taste good and do good developed Allos. Allos did not use any white sugar, so-called "table sugar", and is sweetened primarily with honey, dried fruit or thick juices like agave, Apple or grape juice.

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