Whether face - and body oils, shower baths, bath oils, Shampoos, or hair oil - Khadi - care products do not contain any animal ingredients and are made on the Basis of natural, renewable raw materials. Because of the protection of the environment and the preservation of our natural resources is the basic requirement for a balance between man and nature.

Thanks to ethically-conscious companies such as Khadi could economic development be promoted, for example through irrigation systems, promotion of Industry and production increases. The technical progress could be accelerated through agricultural innovations and the supply of the means of production. The standard of living of the rural population could be increased thanks to Fair Trade. Similarly, the participation of population in measures for the improvement of their living conditions has been promoted by self-initiative.
The provision of technical and other services shall remain in a Form that encourages self-help and effective. Today many of the villages through the production and sale of Khadi products from its own power supply and not from the donations of others. Also the migration of many villagers could be avoided.

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