Sree Sankara

Especially in the therapeutic area of the quality of the Oils is elementary. In our practice of Ayurvedic medicine, we use only Oils which have been produced according to the traditional production methods. These are very complex and require a great Knowledge of the herbs and the right preparation. The only way you can develop in medical applications.

In the second Generation, the five sons of the founder, Vaidyakalanidhi M. S. chandrasekharan Nair operate today, your Ayurveda hospitals and the manufacturing facility for Ayurvedic products in the cherry, Kerala, South India. While two of the sons of trained Ayurveda doctors and chief physicians of the private hospitals, are operating with two more in production conductively engaged.

Not only in India, SSA hospitals for authentic and successful Ayurvedic cures and treatments are known. Also from Europe, many healing search come month for the end of the month in the in Kerala and nearby SSA hospitals to the cherry, Trivandrum, Kochi, Kumily and in the new SSA, Ayurveda Center in Goa.

The separate, modern and yet still authentic work of the end of "a GMP manufacturing plant in the cherry, the SSA provides patients with Ayurvedic products of the highest quality, as today elsewhere hardly.

The sesame oil is produced in the own in-house presses, of course, "cold-pressed and blended from light and dark seeds. The raw materials used, the plants and the herbs come mainly from wild grown or organic. In the case of SSA, the authentic Ayurvedic Tradition is absolutely together with state of the art, more hygienic processing. In-house laboratory, all raw materials and finished products are checked thoroughly on residues and efficacy and each Batch is documented.

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