Biosun - Ear candles Traditional - 2 pieces

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✔ With the magical scent of honey, sage and chamomile

✔ Therapists have been successfully using ear candles in naturopathy for decades

✔ Premium safety filters ensure easy and safe use.

Contents: 1 pair of ear candles


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Lovingly handcrafted for you, we only use regularly tested, 100% natural raw materials. Of course in product and packaging. The all-round safety mark and the new safety filter, patented in 19 countries worldwide, ensure easy and safe use.

Earcandling takes up the centuries-old Indian tradition of ear candles and combines them with modern approaches from aromatherapy and music therapy. In a simple and natural way, this ritual leads to holistic relaxation for body, mind and soul.

Earcandling offers a special feel-good experience at home, especially for those in need of relaxation who don’t have time for a visit to a wellness hotel or day spa.


Preparation: Create a relaxed atmosphere before the application. The use of our Indian relaxation music and suitable fragrance essences has an extremely positive effect. With your eyes closed, you experience the ear candling experience many times more intensively. The room must not be drafty. The flame must always burn steadily. Keep warm with a blanket. It is best to lie on your side in a comfortable position. Her head is supported with a pillow, the ear canal points straight up. During the burning process, small, cold ash particles can fly off if there is a draft in the room. To protect your hair and clothing, your partner can cover the surrounding area with a cloth as a precaution.

Light up: When the preparation is complete, your partner sits comfortably next to you. He/she lights an ear candle at the unlabeled end and places the unlit end perpendicular to your outer auditory canal. With a slight twisting movement and gentle pressure, until the ear candle sits tightly on the side. The ear candle is correctly positioned when you can hear the pleasant crackling and murmuring of the flame. Your partner will hold the ear candle during the entire application. She/He makes sure that there are no hairs near the flame.

Burning: Of course, the ear candle may only be lit at the unmarked end, opposite the safety filter used! It never goes out by itself! At the latest when it has burned down to 1 cm above the surrounding safety mark, the rest must be carefully removed and extinguished in a glass of water.

Treat both ears: You should always have both ears treated one after the other with one candle each. Finally, your partner carefully removes any condensate residue that may have stuck to the small ear hairs.

Rest afterwards: A subsequent rest of approx. 15 - 30 minutes supports the overall experience extremely positively. During this phase, you can let yourself be pampered by quiet relaxation music and the scent of fragrant essences.

Storage: Please always store the ear candles in a dry and cool place in the sealable freshness bag.

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