List of products by brand Greenorganics

With green organics have several regional natural foods distributors, a proprietary brand for the health food store to create. Cheap and healthy – that's the motto. Organic quality does not have to be expensive. Is ensured this Standard by a clever logistics System. Green organics is today an Association of a total of 11 natural food retailers inspected, as well as other Bio-manufacturer strictly and monitored. Before the products of green organics on the market, you will of BioTropic carefully selected.

In our assortment you will find, for example, high-quality sesame oil is the oldest Oil in the world, at a fair price. Sesame oil is an excellent source of healthy fatty acids and is great for cooking Asian dishes. In India, sesame oil is used in a holistic way: The inner and outer treatment according to Ayurveda. The sesame is harvested mainly by Hand. Thanks to the good relations of green organics can the producers ' procurement of Oil and other products in Bio-quality.

Green - Sesamöl - 500ml

Price €5.49*
(€5.49*/ Liter)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Das Öl für alle Fälle Sesamöl hat als einziges Öl die Eigenschaft, bei Massagen sehr tief ins Gewebe eindringen zu können um dieses zu erwärmen. Inhalt: 500 ml Natürlich auch hervorragend zur Zubereitung leckerer ayurvedischer Gerichte geeignet.

Green - country-coffee-Instant - 100g

Price €2.99*
(€2.99*/ 100 g)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Fine malty and easy to digest - cereal, coffee, malt, barley, and rye are used. This naturally caffeine-free Alternative to the roasted coffee is suitable for the whole family. Simply with hot water übergißen, stir, and done this wholesome drink. Content: 100 g


Green - pizza sauce - 340 ml

Price €1.89*
(€5.56*/ 1 l)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

This fruity Sauce rounds out your Pizza into a real experience: Our organic Pizza Sauce of green is prepared with a lot of love and brings the fantasy and the taste of the many nuances of great Italian cuisine to the table. Content: 340 ml

Green Sauerkraut 680g

Price €1.49*
(€2.19*/ 100 g)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Green organic cabbage is a delicious cabbage that has been pickled in sea salt. The white cabbage originates from controlled organic cultivation. The Sauerkraut is in a few minutes ready for consumption and ideal for the quick and uncomplicated cuisine. Content: 680 g

Green - organic almonds - 200g

Regular price €4.59* -10% Price €4.13*
(€2.06*/ 100 g)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Almonds are the fruit of the almond tree, which is cultivated by humans for over 4,000 years. The Spanish almonds from controlled organic cultivation are very nutritious and healthy. They contain sweet almond oil, various vitamins, minerals and fats. The content of Calcium, Magnesium and potassium is higher than in the case of nuts. Contents: 200 g

Green spelt flour Type 1050 - 1000g

Price €2.89*
(€2.89*/ Kilogramm)
* VAT included (Shipping excluded)

Spelt has a slightly nutty flavor and contains more Gluten than wheat. Who is not wheat can tolerate, along with spelt is often better, since the protein composition is slightly different from that of the wheat. Content: 1 kg Spelt flour 1050 is ideal for bread-making.