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Harmonious fruit and vegetable juices from organic cultivation are the ideal addition to a healthy daily diet. EOS is the organic quality brand of the BEUTELSBACHER fruit juice press and stands for over 50 years of ecological production experience. This guarantees the highest quality thanks to the high organic competence of the family business in the sunny Remstal valley. The EOS company is located in Weinstadt in the heart of the classic fruit and wine-growing region of Remstal, one of the most popular landscapes in Württemberg in terms of soil and climate. EOS now offers many organic beverages as specialties.

The EOS BIO range includes around 40 different juices and cocktails from controlled organic cultivation. For the production, freshly harvested fruit and vegetables are processed into not-from-concentrate juices. Much of the fruit comes from organic fruit farmers in southern Germany, while the vegetables come from organic farms in northern and southern Germany. No herbicides, synthetic pesticides or driving mineral fertilizers are used in organic cultivation and no chemical preservatives, sweeteners or colorants are used in production. Organic law excludes the use of genetic engineering in food. That is why the ecological products from EOS protect the natural flora and fauna and help to secure the life of future generations.

EOS - grape juice, red 0,7 l

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The juice of the grapes from Sangiovese and Montepulciano grapes The red grape variety Sangiovese is regarded as a noble vine, because it is due to their harmonic character, one of the most important and most famous grape variety in Italy. Already 2500 years ago, it was cultivated by the Etruscans. The red grape Montepulciano is of a deep red color and...